A media luz

A media luz

Tango singer exploits the women in his life. Learns a valuable life-lesson.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1947
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Cheyann E (gb) wrote: I love this move whoo go all of the sexy men

Ali B (gb) wrote: A worthless and annoying propaganda film for the weak minded members of the cult of man made climate doom - sure to appeal to all the cognitively and scientifically challenged types in the arts who typically write most of the reviews on here. Will not appeal to anyone who is not in the climate cult.

Logan M (br) wrote: A weird crossroad between drama and documentary, "Waking Life" makes you think more than any animated film ever made.

Adam T (kr) wrote: Bette Davis is seriously diabolical as Baby Jane Hudson, a former child star who in older age shares a house with her incapacitated and much more amiable sister played by Joan Crawford. At times this early '60s thriller can be a little bit drawn out and slow to develop but when the two formidable actresses share the screen, it is great to watch.

Cham O (au) wrote: Some unreal stunts but it was fun. It is so damn cool when they shake their stuff! Actually they can dance!

Collin R (kr) wrote: maybe its the terrible acting and that its more funny then anything. (aside from the rape scenes of course) but i had zero emotion invested in this movie was just so plain

Tim A (jp) wrote: Suprisingly good, thought it was going to be low budget but is well made strong performances all round.

Tim G (es) wrote: A unique perspective, the two protagonists, but unfortunately the plot takes a sharp unnecessary turn in to the unbelievable.

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Michael W (au) wrote: Snake doctor administers his unknowing assistant with experimental injections that slowly transform him into a king cobra. Predictably disastrous results ensue for the assistant, aside from possibly earning an extra credit for class. The makeup is exsssssellent.