A Merry Mix-up

A Merry Mix-up

The stooges appear in triplicate as three sets of triplets who were separated a long time ago. Their reunion causes confusion and troubles for various wives and sweethearts, but it all ...

The stooges appear in triplicate as three sets of triplets who were separated a long time ago. Their reunion causes confusion and troubles for various wives and sweethearts, but it all ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Caleb M (nl) wrote: A simple but touching road trip across America in which a young man meets strangers and discovers how easy and essential simple kindness and friendship can be. There are some great supporting roles and performances here, from Jim Fletcher and Paul Lazar in particular, though other individuals have some great moments as well. If you can track this down, watch it!

Sujit K (au) wrote: typical bolly movie. cu, copied and pasted

Dorian G (it) wrote: Zooey's charm and cuteness, as always, shines bright, but the dull plot and uninspired characters make this a boring watch.

Hikaru U (ca) wrote: Un exelentisima pelicula muy graciosa y original... Kyoko y Anna son bastante geniales!!

Ted W (ca) wrote: Terrible boring movie starring Jackie Chan. I like Jackie Chan and he's the only good part of this movie. It's just really bad because of the generic story of the guy , in this case Jackie Chan has to keep some sort of secret from the kids and then of course the kids hate the guy then like the guy but then the mom hates him then likes him again. This idea has been used in a lot of kids movies. The kids in this film are terrible garbage actors/ actresses, even though their young they could act a little better. The kids in home alone did a fantastic job, why can't these kids, get more acting classes and for sure, these kids will not make it, I know it's harsh but it's true.

Becky B (nl) wrote: horrible. No idea how I watched the whole film. I can't stand that Jason Schwartzman dude and I can't stand Steve Martin either. It's just full of sex (didn't expect that for some reason, especially with a whole naked body from the back being seen and a lot of sex scenes) I don't know why I hired an R movie, I think it was rated PG here. URGH really horrible film

MF J (au) wrote: A sequel to the classic Disney cartoon, this new adventures are pretty basic and not as magical as the first film was. It's terrible to see Disney making sequels to all of their classics.

Nandini (it) wrote: So gorgeous and so bad!

Michael S (ag) wrote: Wannabe Hitchcockian thriller (there's even a cameo by director John Schlesinger) about a young couple's dealings with a hellish tenant. Some plot holes and characters' unrealistic reactions make this only a middling film.

Kenny N (nl) wrote: Great performances from all involved, but there's something missing from this that I can't quite put my finger on. I wouldn't mind seeing a 21st century remake.

Johan A (it) wrote: Man mste gilla en film dr en serietecknare framstlls som en stenrik playboy med butler ?? och han (ls inte det hr om du inte vill ha spnningen frstrd) ?? mrdar ju faktiskt inte sin fru.

Monika S (mx) wrote: Based on touchy Short story by Ravinder Nath Tagore...Excellent acting....beautiful song..sung by Mannade.. E mere pyare watan..

Grayson D (fr) wrote: One of the greatest comedies ever made.

Wade H (au) wrote: WOW! Raimi should stick to what he does best, making scary as hell horror films!!!!!!!!1

Erik D (us) wrote: Pretty good. A little cheesy here and there.

A J (ag) wrote: Unfortunately, this is another good move who was ruined by trying to be popularized and brought closer to American or whatever public for who-knows what reasons. So, what did they do...Well, they changed language (it is so difficult to read subtitles?!), they changed names, the story etc. The first two sequels were great and this is disaster. I feel so sorry for Reno and Clavier. But you gonna do - sometimes one have to "sacrifice" quality for earning some money.