A Midnight Clear

A Midnight Clear

Set in 1944 France, an American Intelligence Squad locates a German Platoon wishing to surrender rather than die in Germany's final war offensive. The two groups of men, isolated from the war at present, put aside their differences and spend Christmas together before the surrender plan turns bad and both sides are forced to fight the other.

The two groups of solders, isolated from the war at present, put aside their differences and share a Christmas celebration. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alailson B (nl) wrote: Excelente trabalho sobre o processo de um documentrio (e do cinema, em geral), ao passo que conta a histria da interessantssima figura de Santiago.

Marilyn A Hernnde A (ag) wrote: muy buena, me gusto...

Shery S (de) wrote: i loved this movie since i was 8 and i'll always will..best movie ever..however a bit sexy, can turn on but lol ..its awesome !! i just try dancing like her since ever :))

Phil S (kr) wrote: Classic, funny, suprisingly rude and more than a little stupid. pure 80s entertainment

eJana (nl) wrote: Ragtime is a Formans film about American society at the beginning of the 20th century. A film about tolerance and discrimination, about pride and revenge. A good film, but not my favourite one. Last week I saw The Man on the Moon and liked it MUCH MORE!

Dave R (fr) wrote: ok... i confess, i've been looking for this movie for ages! it came out when i was a kid - i come from maybe the last generation that roller-skated; i saw this when i was 9 and it left a big impression on me. the story is of course ridiculous but in the movie there are some cool skating moves and there's some skatepark footage - this is WAY before "extreme games/sports" existed as a concept! here you see the beginning of the X sports! i remember seeing this with my cousin and then we tried to copy all the tricks and jumping and ramp riding! i also remember having a crush on linda blair after this; years later, about... 1998, i had a chance to meet her and i think i blew her away when i said i loved her in roller boogie - most people remember for the exorcist! she said she had a great time making this movie and it shows i think. great late 70's cheese!

Kyle B (it) wrote: Beautifully shot and interesting story but some of the performances were overbearing and over the top

Seanser S (de) wrote: Decent sci-fi made on a fairly low budget. It's not great at the beginning but it improves quite a bit as the film progresses.

Divina B (ru) wrote: love it it makes me want to dance