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A Mighty Wind

When folk icon Irving Steinbloom passed away, he left behind a legacy of music and a family of performers he has shepherded to folk stardom

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Now for one night only in New York City's Town Hall, these three groups will reunite and gather together to celebrate the music that almost made them famous. There's Mitch and Mickey, who were the epitome of young love until their partnership was torn apart by heartbreak; classic troubadours The Folksmen, whose records were endlessly entertaining for anyone able to punch a hole in the center to play them; and The New Main Street Singers, the most meticulously color-coordinated neuftet ever to hit an amusement park. To celebrate a life spent submerged in folk, Irving's loving son Jonathan has decided to put together a memorial concert featuring some of Steinbloom's best-loved musicians. When folk icon Irving Steinbloom passed away, he left behind a legacy of music and a family of performers he has shepherded to folk stardom

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Users reviews

Chad D (us)

I found this to be much funnier than the second installment, and its definitely an appropriate way to send out a very fine trilogy of modern age redneck comedy

Deborah K (mx)

Intelligent, compelling story draws you in on all levels!

Dee R (gb)

I love his movies. I'm starting towonder ifAlmodovar has a thing for gay porn, but this is a great story though

Eric M (au)

not particularly uplifting but very interesting. . . A critique of the human condition from the perspective of a psychotic dog

Gabriel C (de)

Cool Moovie, very fun

Jon S (us)

Piggy at her absolute worst. Warning: This movie shows Miss. If you just ignore the story and go along with the epic music, explosions and effects, chemistry between the main characters, and its fun songs, with the exception of bad 3 songs, this movie is alot of fun to watch

Khabran L (kr)

Could be classified as one of those "i have insomnia, let's see whats on showtime" movies. Worth watching if you can deal with the bad acting. Interesting movie

Maggie B (mx)

More than a fluff government project, this is important work that preserves our culture, the good and the bad. A beautiful ode to The National Film Registry

Paul J (es)

Good movie. Dustin Hoffman does a great job

Private U (fr)

great premise, one of my favorites - I was charmed by all the characters. A very lovely movie about relationships - it seems to happen organically