A Mile in Our Shoes

A Mile in Our Shoes

Young Carers, the hidden army.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:11 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
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  • Country:USA
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A Mile in Our Shoes torrent reviews

Rajdeep D (gb) wrote: If you're expecting a blood-chilling horror show, then you'll be upset after watching Table No. 21. The setting is fab, the girl looks stunning, the boy looks smart and Paresh Rawal a.k.a Mr.Khan justifies his character role elegantly, the opening song is good too. But, the show doesn't click! What starts as a freaky show turns into a poorly adopted mishmash of copied story-line from "Sach Ka Samna" (TV Show) and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin starrer 'The Condemned' (2007). To add to the icing, the movie culminates to an "Anti-Ragging" manifesto! Nice time pass for a Sunday Morning Show, by the way!

Paul D (gb) wrote: This is very mainstream and very ordinary in story, themes and direction. There's nothing here to add spice to a very unidirectional plot.

Noah F (mx) wrote: Exciting, interesting, and visually entertaining, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers the best we ever see of Spidey, likely to amaze audiences, and especially the fans.

Gary M (fr) wrote: It was (somewhat) suspenseful from the jump then it turns into a documentary type movie. Curtis Blow is a dope dealer & a jack boy, shows his daily life through a camera that he stole. Two life changing events happen back to back that (somewhat) makes him change the way he wants to make money for the world to see. Grade: C

Franek F (jp) wrote: it challenges viewers in a strangely attractive way...

Sharon l (br) wrote: My 10 year old wanted to leave after a half an hour. Even he didn't find it any good

Shirley S (mx) wrote: The talking fish is a beautiful thing!!!!! Old school Brooklyn to match the retro cow's cat eye glasses (:

Lee W (jp) wrote: I liked this movie. Silly and sexy. Nice combo. Gonna buy it.

Codie E (jp) wrote: After Ermanno Olmi's dire opening segment the film really picks up. Kiarostami creates an extremelly frustrating and provocative piece but he is topped by Loach's typically brilliant final part. As with the majority of his work, Loach and regular screenwriter Paul Laverty portray real, everyday characters and put them in a situation where they must rise to a challenge or moral dilemma, and this is never short of fascinating.

Aaron G (ca) wrote: As scary as any of the others in the series.

habib m (ru) wrote: nyce kind o' film....

Mono Kris A (mx) wrote: "Guardaespaldas Escolar". Una pelcula a base de una traba de clichs escolares sin sentido no se puede considerar una comedia relevante.

RaraRafIqah F (kr) wrote: Ridiculous but hella entertaining to watch. I guess, one of the reasons why 80s teen movies are so great to watch is the fact that it can be the most unrealistic and outrageous movie ever but still be entertaining and fun to watch. Overall, a crazy movie but definitely not a bad one.

Jeremy T (jp) wrote: Jean Claude Van Damme as Ivan Kazinski

Lou A (jp) wrote: Although the cast is hysterical, and so are a few spread out moments in the film, this creative attempt of a spoof falls flat on its face. It feels far too long and has an overabundance of awkward moments, especially when its tone shifts. One may find it amusing the first time around, but this is a film that is literally impossible to enjoy without being intoxicated in some sort of way.