A Millionaire on the Run

A Millionaire on the Run

Young-in and his colleague Seung-dae are a pair of professional bagmen working for various lobbyists in finance, media and a host of other industries requiring political favors. Feeling guilty about his work, Seung-dae tells Young-in he plans on blowing the whistle on his boss Han’s illegal activities.

Choi Yeong-in works, together with his colleague Seung-dae, as a professional bag man for various important people in various sectors such as finance and media. His dream is however to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daljit D (ag) wrote: Excellent British thriller with a great twist.

Ricky G (us) wrote: I wanted to really enjoy it I did Will Ferrell usually has no problem with me when he gets on screen I usually laugh at everything he does. Sadly with this one it's not as good as it needs to be with this I felt is was on screen for too long and I didn't mind the Spanish speaking I think it would have been better if I knew Spanish. There are some really hilarious parts but nothing really too good or not enough of them to save this movie. Luckily Anchorman 2 came out and brought him back up.

Edward K (ag) wrote: this movie was fuckin awesome vincent cassel is great and this is so demented

Tyler P (es) wrote: Excellente mtaphore sur la socit d'aujourd'hui et son manque clairement d'humanit.

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Malachi R (br) wrote: delightful cute romantic comedy.

Kenny N (it) wrote: No stars. Hulk Hogan. Bratty kids. "Home Alone"-style mayhem. Buster Poindexter. At least one of these should serve as a deterrent from you ever seeing this movie.

Allan C (de) wrote: I've always liked this Billy Wilder film, though I never felt it balanced the bittersweet comedy and dramatic elements as well as his earlier collaboration with star Jack Lemmon in "The Apartment." Here Lemmon is a TV cameraman who gets accidentally tackled during an NFL game. Enter his ambulance chasing lawyer brother-in-law, the great Walter Matthau, and his ex-wife who he still carries a torch for, Judi West, who both see dollar signs as a result of Lemmon's injuries and convince him to fake his pain and suffering. Lemmon is s wonderfully sympathetic sad sack, but Matthau steals the show, which earned him a well deserved Oscar. I'm actually reading Cameron Crowe's interview book with Billy Wilder right now and that made this film all the more enjoyable. There's also a nice score by Andr Previn. Overall, this film isn't as good as Wilder's best pictures, though that's a pretty high bar considering he made some unquestionable Hollywood classics ("Stalag 17," "Sunset Boulevard," "Some Like it Hot," etc.), but it's still a terrific film that kicked off the partnership on one of the great comic duos with Lemmon and Matthau. As an aside, this film made me want to re-watch "Charley Varrick," which is a pretty different sort of Walter Matthau role, but I need to watch some more of his stuff again.

dfg d (mx) wrote: Philip Glass's score lacks the melancholic beauty of Koyaanisqatsi.

Jeffrey M (de) wrote: I hate sports, but man I love this film. Ichikawa is one of the great Japanese directors.

Augustine H (it) wrote: Best movie of 1933? It undoubtedly highlighted the important events to the Britain in the late 1800s and early 1900s, but the approach taken is highly superficial and felt like sticking the bunch of events together with an utterly incoherent plot and characters. After the movie, you can just recall there were once events like that, but nothing else.

Brandy P (gb) wrote: The reason this is getting rotten reviews is because it didnt play in all cities.. it was a great teen movie...

Iain B (nl) wrote: I'm not a fan of minions but thought I'd give this a chance, admittedly it's aimed at kids or the insane, not sure which, but it did nothing for me... 20 mins, binned