A Mother's Prayer

The compelling, heartwarming tale of family members torn apart by their individual struggles. The only thing that can truly bring the family back together is a mother's dying wishes. With a...

. . With a. The only thing that can truly bring the family back together is a mother's dying wishes. The compelling, heartwarming tale of family members torn apart by their individual struggles

A Mother's Prayer is a movies torrent of Alvin Moore Jr.. The released year of this movie is 2009. We can counted many actors in this movie torrents, such as Kyon Adams, Jermaine Crawford, William Davenport, Shenae Edwards, Johnny Gill, Robin Givens, Alvin Moore Jr., Shirley Murdock. The kind of movie are Musical. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 4.9 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Enjoy this movies torrent and share to your friends . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Allan C (fr)

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Beth F (kr)

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Ian K (kr)

For Frank's sake, this movie is worth a chuckle. The only difference is this one is funny because of all the overacting. Good to see the Van Dykes stick with comedy

Kelly H (kr)

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Lee M (ru)

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Maria A C (mx)


Richard S (gb)

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Tierra F (ca)

Haneke es un genio!!

Tim W (de)

Just as stupid and forgettable as the first. Disappointing even with its few good moments