A Mother Should Be Loved

A Mother Should Be Loved

The film tells of the strained relationship between a mother and her two sons after the death of the family patriarch.

Two half-brothers try to cope with the loss of their father. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan G (nl) wrote: Wonderful movie, give a seemingly real depiction of what it would be like for comedians to try to get on SNL. Probably more enjoyable for those who are interested in the inner working of the entertainment business.

Dan K (it) wrote: boring as a book tour film

Adam D (au) wrote: a very good movie on the horror of war and humains being able to forgive many years later

Leon B (de) wrote: The thing that alarmed me about Overnight was the fact that Troy Duffy seemed like one of them people as a kid who would say or do anything to get what he wants, insulting people because he thinks he can, only because he thinks he's "Hollywood's next hard-on." Both of his movies Boondock Saints movies have been box-office failures and was received poorly by critics, calling it "A Quentin Tarantino knock-off."

MariePier D (ag) wrote: Wonderful old London (8/10) A love story behind the greatest love story of all time, that's a must! Joseph Fiennes really makes us believe he is the true Will Shakespeare, his performance is brilliant. The important cast follows him into his world in that wonderful old London.Merveilleux vieux Londres (8/10) L'histoire d'amour derrire la plus grande histoire d'amour de tous les temps, c'est un must ! Joseph Fiennes arrive nous persuader qu'il est le vrai Will Shakespeare, sa performance est impressionnante. La distribution le suit dans son monde qui est ce merveilleux vieux Londres.

Becca D (fr) wrote: I'm sure this is a wonderful movie but I honestly couldn't get into it. What I did see of the movie I give a two star rating because I hated it.

Anthony T (kr) wrote: Good movie. I don't know if Morgan Freeman was the perfect Alex Cross though.

Justin B (de) wrote: Nostalgia doesn't always win.

Pascal T (au) wrote: The first Ford film in technicolor, and without a doubt, one the best from that era. The brutal frontier has never been so seductive.

Chris R (kr) wrote: Watched for the first time since late 90s in September and was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed it. BLU RAY RELEASE PLEEEEASE!!

Bob P (it) wrote: Was this supposed to be funny or dramatic? It sucked either way.

Scott D (au) wrote: a fun kids that will keep your kids glued to the TV screen. the film is pretty outdated and has a very cringe worthy plot. all the NBA player cameos were pretty unnecessary. But if your kid your will like this film. I give space jam a C+

Jimmer A (fr) wrote: An amazing performance in the leading characters makes it merely impossible to not empathize with what the voice of one represents for thousands of anonymous victims. This movie somehow got me into every flashback in a level in which I got the feeling of owning the story myself.

Joshua B (us) wrote: Another spectacular performance by Tom Hanks! Thoroughly a good story.