A Mulher Sensual

A Mulher Sensual

Famous soap opera actress finds out her sexuality after breaking up with her former boyfriend, an important TV executive. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jacquelyn C (gb) wrote: The whole thing with the dress was a device to frame the struggles of three young women navigating young adulthood, that is, finding love, being competent and getting along with others, even your friends that you hate. The performances put in by Isla Fisher (as the dumb girl), Lizzy Caplan (as the damaged one), and Kirsten Dunst (as the uptight perfectionist) were great. Even Rebel Wilson, who didn't get much screen time, put in a great nuanced performance of a sweet nice girl with bitchy friends. She is a character that exists in nature and it's nice that she's being portrayed as the one who gets the guy. No, this is not a deep movie, and yes, it's a knock off Bridemaids, but each of the scenes are pretty rock solid from the one character's theory on blow jobs to the perfectionist character's devastating realization that she'd done everything right and still come up empty. Other zingers: "No, because at least French was hard" (a totally unintended pun referring to Joe's penis when he leaves the dumb girl poolside--), "I think you meant Potsdam" (followed by a mini monologue putting the perfectionist in her place which quickly leads to...), "We're g to g" (Dunst exuding great chemistry with her object of flirtation for the evening). The ending is--you know--but I've seen worse endings. I couldn't help but notice that something like 75% of the reviews featured by the critics were from men.

Richard M (mx) wrote: I kept expecting things to turn weird or creepy; there's an unexplained pile of corpses, after all.

I am A (gb) wrote: Yay a GOOD aussie movie, and damn Heath Ledger so damn hot..

Krista Y (de) wrote: I love this movie I cry every time! Every fucking time!

Daniel M (ag) wrote: One of Robin Williams best performances, a truly great film packed with comedy, drama, and much more.

Ajai S (au) wrote: Silly as hell, but it's still worth seeing.

Roy C (jp) wrote: Sylvester Stallone and Dolly Parton swap stereotypes. Not as horrendous as it sounds, since the two have a bit of chemistry.

Yama R (nl) wrote: No pueden reducir esta obra maestra, los pendejos.

Jack W (gb) wrote: They just don't make great films, great comedies like this one anymore. First it's an adaptation of a brilliant play. This story is at times touching, heartwarming, hysterical and socially topical. Second, comedies now aren't based on great writing but instead on lowbrow humor. So to see something like this is just awesome. The story is great but the performances are just insane. Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon are so unbelievably good. It is a shame that Lemmon never won an Oscar, the man deserved one. Since it is an adaptation of a play the film is somewhat stagnant, if only because Wilder stayed true to the theatre production. This makes it all the more wonderful though to my eye as I can envision the stage production as I'm watching the film. Wilder's unique imprint can be felt throughout the film. Ultimately though the power of the film lies in the challenge this film must have issued to the Code upon release. The entire movie is a straight on challenge to the morals and ethics of the time and this makes it even more genius. Prostitutes with hearts of gold, scantily clad women, corrupt law enforcement; Wilder skewers it all and makes us realize at the same time, life is too short to be so serious. Just a wonderful film!

Richard A (de) wrote: it's all in the reflexes

A Z (ca) wrote: Something was off, but could've been more. Good debut. Esmail has big things ahead of him.

Shane V (us) wrote: Just a wild, steamy 90's classic.

Dustin R (au) wrote: FABIO TESTI GIALLO. One of my favorite giallos. Brilliant story and film all around.