A Murder of Quality

A Murder of Quality

At the request of his old war time colleague Ailsa Brimley, George Smiley agrees to look into the murder of Stella Rode. Brimley had only just received a letter from her saying she feared for her life at her husband's hand. The husband, Stanley Rode teaches at Carne School, but Smiley is doubtful that he had anything to do with his wife's death. As Smiley investigates, he learns that Stella was a nosy busybody who loved to learn other's little secrets and then gossip about them - or possibly blackmail them. When a student is killed and Smiley unearths a secret, he has the evidence to name the killer.Based on John Le Carré's 1962 thriller (his first) in which George Smiley is brought out of spy retirement to solve a murder in a British public school. The setting is based on Le Carre"s own schooldays in Sherborne and his brief experience teaching at Eton.

Taken from the book by John le Carre, George Smiley rallies to the aid of his former intelligence colleague, Ailsa Brimley, to investigate a mysterious letter from a junion master's wife at... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephane C (fr) wrote: Notre jour viendra !

T P (gb) wrote: Amazing film. My only wish would be that the themes had more time to develop and make a statement.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Gosh this is awful, a little bit funny, but it's basically a fetish porn.

Weiting T (de) wrote: He looks at me and says, "Bob, just because you're a fuckup doesn't mean you're not my brother." That kind of touched me.

Shelbie T (au) wrote: This made me crave a Hardee's bacon burger after the credits started rolling. Seriously though, "Gordy" is a weak excuse for a barnyard comedy-drama. It might be wholesome for families, but not even children would find it a fun movie. It didn't just rip off "Charlotte's Web", but this was the movie that almost made everyone not see "Babe", as they both premiered the same year.

Leonard D (nl) wrote: I enjoyed it when I was a kid, but when I grew up, I finally began to understand why it doesn't hold up that well. You know there is something sinisterly wrong with your film when the protagonist not only doesn't emote that well, but plays out the "Neh neh neh, neh neh neh, I'm better than yoooouuu!"kind of quality! What a little douchebag! From beginning to end, after the villian is put in his place, do you expect this kid to learn anything from this story? Ha! We wish!Yep, skip it!

Private U (mx) wrote: I once built a volcano for teenagers to jump into. My family quotes lines from the movie to each other. We aspire to own steamer trunks. Meg Ryan plays three roles!

Russ B (ca) wrote: 2/3/2015: Excellent movie with a pretty great cast. A fun interesting plot with plenty of action and humor.

John A (us) wrote: Enjoyable Slow-Burn Crime Thriller, To Do With An Investigation Of Triple Murder, With Faces Skinned And Teeth Shot Out, So The Victims Can Not Be Identified. A Great Use Of Atmosphere Has Been Used, As Well As Some Great Performances From The Main Cast As Well As The Suppoorting Cast. Main Cast Includes: William Hurt, Lee Marvin, Ian Bannen, Brian Dennehy & Joanna Pacula. Supporting Cast Includes: Michael Elphick, Richard Griffiths & Rikki Fulton. This Is A Well Crafted Cold War Thriller, With The Usual Double Agents E.T.C. Great Direction, Great Cast, Decent Story.

Richard C (it) wrote: It was kind of hard to sit through this without suffering a knot in my throat, as one with deep Mexican roots, but the grim reality must be shown for what it is. This movie takes the familiar Mexican filmmaking at the time and turns its themes around for seriousness added to some heightened quality and art that you don't normally find in this domain. It's in fact the exact opposite of what the Mexican media serves as and it's simply frustrating knowing the changeless nature of things which the film criticizes. Really devastating and lingering.EDIT (Upped one star): This film is much too boisterous in my mind for its impacting message to cease its echo. It is a strong piece of cinema that does have some faults, but they're very minor in the scheme of things and can be overlooked.

Ken H (us) wrote: If I hadn't read the description of this movie, it would have taken me at least half of it to figure out that Lee (the main character) was a photo-journalist. The first agonizing third of the movie are very extended scenes of her holed up in an Italian hotel room after she has been released from whatever it is that happened to her. We are given faint and I mean very faint clues about what has happened to her, other than she is a basket case. If you like extended scenes of a person apparently with some serious psychological problems moving the furniture around in the hotel room, you'll love this movie. Kingsley is a rip off. He is in the movie for about eight minutes. Having him as a title character is absurd. His part can best be described as a slightly extended cameo. As to the description given of the movie here at Rotten Tomatoes, the only time I saw Lee risk her life was when she was driving drunk on Italian highways. The whole movie left me high and dry. Bad things happen to people sometimes. Dragging me into the malaise and black quagmire of these events without telling me why I am there is not good movie making. Ugh!