A New Hope

A New Hope

Angola Prison had the reputation of being the bloodiest, most violent prison in the country, until something changed to give the inmates A New Hope.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:26 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Angola Prison had the reputation of being the bloodiest, most violent prison in the country, until something changed to give the inmates A New Hope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel D (mx) wrote: I'd stick to the game.

Numa P (nl) wrote: Great acting along with a plot that feels much closer to reality tha many other movies out there.

Raji K (fr) wrote: Jessie Eissenberg and Kristin Stewart costar in Greg Mottola's Adventureland. Eissenberg is James Brennan a smart high school that has high ambitions and is ready to go to a good college. When his parents move back to where he group up Pittsburgh, he Is forced to get a summer job. He is under or overqualified for all the jobs he applies for except for the local amusement park Adventureland that welcomes him in without even looking at his resume. He starts in the game department and is taught about all the tricks and trades of each of the games by Joel (Martin Starr). He is warned by his two bosses Paulette (Kristin Wiig) and Bobby (Bill Hader) that he must not lose one of the coveted Giant pandas or he will lose his job. Not far into the job he is threatened at knife point to give up the panda, and a fellow ride worker Em (Kristen Stewart) assures him that it's not worth getting knifed over. The two become connecting and James falls for her, and when they kiss the first time he is electric. She has a bit more sexual experience, and she is having an affair with the maintenance man Mike (Ryan Reynolds). The two clearly like each other, but move at different paces and because of many the surrounding circumstances, they don't ever seem to quite touch base romantically. Adventureland is one of my favorite coming of age movies. Anyone who has worked a job similar to that of Adventureland can relate with this movie. Any job that sucks it is about the people who make the job borderline tolerable. Along with this comes great friendships and in this case relationship. Eissenberg and Stewart capture the difficulties and excitements of a new potential relationship. The other characters totally represent many of the co-workers that tend to exists in such environments. It because of these types of bonds and relationships that we fondly look back on some of the worst jobs we have had, and how they were somehow the great times of our lives. This movie made be undersold as a comedy even though Bill Hader steals every scene he is in. The film really shines as a coming of age romantic drama that really encapsulates how we all have been with somebody else at one point or another in their lives. -3.19.2017

Alex S (mx) wrote: A pseudo-intellectual piece of garbage, a miserable attempt to emulate David Lynch. Even two attractive actresses cannot save this amateurishly made film. Even some of the background music was 'borrowed' from Pink Floyd (the beginning of Crazy Diamond).

Gabrielle M (au) wrote: This movie is different from the norm which is probably why I liked it so much. Jeremy Renner shined brightly in this film and really helped to develop the plot. Gabrielle Union's performance, although not as comedic as Jeremy's was equally well played. I would recommend this film to anyone, it is such as a treat to see. Stamp of Judgment: Badass

Robert M (ag) wrote: Considerably full of bad acting (Norton) or but directing, honestly I cannot tell...

Freeman M (de) wrote: Well-directed, though the screenplay reads like a Telenovela episode.

Frances H (nl) wrote: Nice enough story, but the whole thing just is somehow lacking and forgettable.

Pilar G (br) wrote: Como me gustan las pelculas de poca :)

Aerin P (de) wrote: Best. Movie. EVER. This is the kind of movie you show to people when you first meet them, and if they don't like it, you know that you and this person can NEVER BE FRIENDS.

Anthony L (kr) wrote: Matador is quite serious for Almodvar. He's dropped all the trash and bad taste humour and replaced it with quite serious issues of sex and murder. It felt a little bit like a Gaillo film to me, albeit a Almodvar version of. Antonio Banderas really impresses here and you can see why it was turning point in his career, the same also applies for Almodvar as this was his first internationally successful film. The last scene has quite an impact, it's hard to say whether it was happy or sad really but it certainly haunts. An impressive change of pace but with all the charm of his originals.

Eivind S (us) wrote: Knallfilm! Ingen slr Connery til hest.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Really solid final film from John Ford. Anne Bancroft is great!

Justin W (es) wrote: prior to watching this film, i had never seen anyone knocked out from a kick to the shins...however, the horrible fight scenes in this movie allowed me to view such a delight. if you like cheesy movies, nobody did it better back in the 60's than japan...and this film is amongst the cheesiest and most entertaining. i think it's impossible to watch this flick without letting out at least a little bit of a chuckle. it's good fun.

Doug K (us) wrote: Quite enjoyable. Fantastic acting and singing by the 3 leads! Emmy's voice!!!

Cam D (fr) wrote: Movie was ok, but lacked continuity. In One scene the bank robber shoots all of his bullets and then all of a sudden he has bullets to shoot. How? Where did he get the bullets? In another scene the woman cocks the shotgun three times without shooting it once. Why does she keep cocking the shotgun?Also, she had one chance to escape when she was in the car for at least five seconds alone with the engine running. Why didn't she escape.SPOILER ALERTThe last thing. Why is it okay to keep the stolen money when she already received a reward? Morally wrong.

Diggity H (ca) wrote: Really intrigued me. Found it extremely fascinating. I recommend it to anyone who cares about my recommendations.

Adam R (de) wrote: (First viewing - Spring 2009 in theaters)

Heather B (mx) wrote: I wish Jennifer Aniston is the same person with the same quirks in everything she does. Aside from that, the movie was funny.

Moya W (de) wrote: Miss You Already is a story about friendship and love. It's a story about cancer and family. I was hooked from the very first scene, it was easy to sit through it. I wanted to sit through it. I wanted to know what would happen next. It was refreshing to see Drew Barrymore in something that isn't a romantic comedy and I really liked her in this. She's absolutely beautiful in this movie and she managed to show a side that I hadn't quite seen before. Toni Collette was great as the friend with cancer trying to find ways to cope with it all. This movie is not just a cancer movie. It's not just tears. It manages to show the bright side as well. I really enjoyed it and I recommend it for everyone who is in the mood for something cheerful and entertaining that isn't a comedy.