A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed

A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed

Two bunglers (Tom Ewell, Mickey Rooney) rob a bank and buy a racehorse, then try to rob another bank.

Three horse-racing lovers turn to robbery to appease their gambling appetites. Max is the nice, easygoing, vitamin-gulping guy with an out-sized swallow tube; Gus is his penniless, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam A (us) wrote: "Warm Bodies" is such a unique take on the zombie genre, and apart from its almost implausible concept, (yeah even for a zombie flick,) it still manages to intrigue you!

John B (mx) wrote: Good Christian based true story and the miracles of life with some comedy and drama rolled in there

Dave J (kr) wrote: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 (1998) Caught Up DRAMA THRILLER African American Daryl(Bokeem Woodbine) has dreams about being successful and owning his own night club except that he needs a few extra thousands to do it, so his crack headed friend offers to be a partner with him providing if he could succeed into submitting him the money that he needs. So while Daryl is waiting for him sitting in his car, he then sees his crack head friend running away and robbing the bank of the money that he needs to open this so-called night club which completely caught Daryl off guard. So instead of surrendering like what any normal person would've done. He decides to drive away even though they're cop cars coming from all directions. The crack head dies as a result of Daryl crashing his car while evading police. And Daryl ends up in jail. He comes out for parole, and gets himself mixed up with a woman (Cynda Williams) who looks identical to his ex who still carries the torch for and she hooks him up with a job, leading to some preposterous situations. And by the time the movie is done still doesn't explain everything that has happened. The movie starts out believably well but goes into the most unlikely scenario on the second half similar to a "Pulp Fiction" movie. I was hoping it was movie about an African American who was trying to succeed in his dreadful life but as it turns out it becomes much more complicated than that. 2 out of 4 stars

Al M (it) wrote: A rather sub-par, late-80s slasher film, Night Screams has some decent deaths but is rather tedious at times despite working in scenes from Graduation Day and porno films....

Drew H (br) wrote: The only sequel I can think of that is better that the original, and fuck you if you think Aliens is! Fantastic cinematography, that horse was beautiful, sadly is probably glue now.

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