A Night in Heaven

A Night in Heaven

Faye Hanlon is a community-college professor with an emotionally depressed husband and an abundance of sexual frustration. Her sister drags her to a male strip-club for a girls-night out, where she discovers that one of the dancers is her failing student Rick Monroe, a.k.a. "Ricky the Rocket". A heated affair between teacher & student ensues, as Faye struggles to reconcile her emotions and make consequential life choices: Continue her lustful sessions with the studly-but-shallow teen stripper? Or break it off with Ricky & work to salvage her marriage to the loving-but-distant husband?

Faye Hanlon is a community-college professor with an emotionally depressed husband and an abundance of sexual frustration. Her sister drags her to a male strip-club for a girls-night out, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David N (kr) wrote: Strange and spectacular. What a bizarre film! Amazing that it all works so well.

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JonBrandon D (ag) wrote: This is one of my favourite Saw films for sure. It has chilling, creative traps, Julie Benz (from Buffy, Angel and Dexter) and many more talented actors in it, plus doesn't get anhywhere near as ridiculous as 6 and 7 do.

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