A Night in Nude

A Night in Nude

The woman's name in kanji is "missing persons", and the man is a professional substitute, doing for people what they won't do themselves. They're both vicariously alive and we can paint in our minds for these people past lives carried out in drudgery, their ache for human connection. Between them stands a dead body.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:1993
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A private investigator takes on an odd job to retrieve a lost Rolex, only to find himself lured into a case filled with violence and sex by his mysterious employer. (Japanese with English subtitles). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bert P (es) wrote: Mooie en slimme verfilming van het klassieke toneelstuk van Walter van den Broeck. Met ook goede vertolkingen van de hele cast. Soms zelfs verrassend, kijk maar naar de rol van Axel Daeseleire!

Sarah L (it) wrote: This animated adaptation of Batman tells us a story not just from Batman's view, but also from Gordon's view. It boasts some good voice actors (Bryan Cranston) and some decent animation. Overall it was pretty good.

arron p (it) wrote: Really good Russian mafia film. Very underrated

Joanna B (de) wrote: With a plot full of endless possibilities, the stunted and hollow derivation of idea is regrettably a reminiscent reprisal of some of history's most notable figures coming back to life running amuck causing chaos and collateral damage.The horrendous display of tired, immature and incoherent slap-stick is little more than a fiasco of recycled sugar-rush escapism. The incessant battering of juvenile and overzealous cheap-gags is unable to hold the target attention of children, let alone the bored chaperones."Sometimes the greatest change brings about an even greater opportunity." Ted Roosevelt.Super-successful entrepreneur and infomercial pitchman, Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is miserable and missing his old career. After returning for a nostalgic visit to his former stomping grounds at the Museum of Natural History he is advised that an extensive refurbishment and new fangled interactive holographic displays will take the place of his beloved exhibits.Unaware of the magical and mysterious nightlife of the miniature dioramas museum curator Dr. McPhee (Ricky Gervais) ships off Larry's former comrades to the Smithsonian for permanent storage. his newfound celebrity status holds no pull for their return.Unexpectedly that following night whilst Larry is attempting bring his friends back by using his new found celebrity pull, he receives a frantic distress call from call from thimble-sized miniature cowboy Jedididah (Owen Wilson).Informing him that the crucial Egyptian tablet that gives them life is now awakening the entire contents of the multileveled subterranean underground archives, Larry jumps to rescue his friends for the new threat.Held captive by the effeminate lisping evil overlord Pharaoh Kahmunrah (Hank Azaria) and his newly animated tyrant allies Napoleon (Alain Chabat) who has a bad case of little man syndrome, Ivan the Terrible (Christopher Guest) who properly translated is "Ivan the Awesome" and Al Capone (Jon Bernthal) still in black and white.Larry assembles a team of well known historical figures from the sprawling malls vast collection including sassy can-do aviatrix pioneer Amelia Earhart, clueless eccentric General Custer (Bill Hader), the malls marble statue of wise honest Abe and a collection of bobble-headed Albert Einstein's (voiced by Hank Azaria and Eugene Levy respectively). Will Larry realise the lucrative business enterprise that provided nice suits, a big house, moderate fame are just vain pursuits, and the real point to life is enjoying its simplicity humbly with the people you care for?Positively attempting to entice children into the amazing world of museums, writing team Robert Ben Grant and Thomas Lennon and returning director Shawn Levy effortlessly toss in a myriad history, art and pop culture.Factually quibbling the logistical impossibilities Rodin's "The Thinker" is actually in Paris, Grant Wood's "American Gothic" and Edward Hopper's "Nighthawks" are both on display at the Art institute in Chicago, Archie Bunker's chair, Muhammad Ali's boxing robe and Dorothy's ruby slippers are at the National Museum of American History in NY (where the movie starts). I'm quiet positive, if there is a display consisting of a singing trio of Italian cherubs they wouldn't resemble the Jonas Brothers or sing Bee Gee's.However, there are some wonderfully understated pauses. Momentarily stopping to watch degas' twirling 14 year old dancer as Jeff Koons' Balloon Dog bounces merrily around the galleries. The heroines escaping in the Wright Brothers' plan and Larry's mobile phone working and inspiring a new career for Joey Motorola inside Alfred Eisenstaedt's VJ Day Photo, The Kiss.Struggling mechanically through the haphazardly clustered and thoughtless lines even the likes of Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais and Steve Coogan are unable to scavenge true laughs upstaged sadly by two face-slapping monkeys and an adventurous squirrel.The frenetic pedestrian and ultimately pointless made-to-make-big-box-office-bucks sequel simply numbs and dumbs the mind and is destined for that popular dusty niche on the rejects DVD shelf. Ben Stiller's excruciatingly stilted and disengaged "been there, done that" approach leaves the overblown SNL sketch with a gapping hole larger than the Grand Canyon. No amount of spirited performances or witty banter by underdeveloped supporting actors could salvage this needlessly elaborate excursion.The Verdict : The sheer fact that this only children's based comedy scheduled for release until Ice Age 3 in July makes it people only choice (personally I recommend going to the DVD shop and getting Jumanji). However, this movie lacks the heart, emotion and comedic timing of its nimbler 2006 predecessor. Even with a galaxy of comedy stars in cameos jokes are strangled, corny, uneasy and sadly bereft of all charm.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 29/05/2009

Gabi B (mx) wrote: Roller-skating was sooo cool. But somehow they end up making drama. And for a drama you need good actors... and good screenwriters... So in general they screwed up but if you like roller skating, dancing, 80s and disco you still might enjoy it.

dan b (nl) wrote: This movie has grown on me tremendously in the last ten years, likely because i identify with the main character so much.

ghostman777 (ag) wrote: srieusement 25% pfff

Moe J (it) wrote: This is a well-acted and well-written film, but if I ever encountered these characters in real life, I'd get as far away from them as possible.

Cory T (ca) wrote: This was meant to be Showtime Network's equivalent of the Tales from the Crypts serials. The EG Comics influence is melded with John Carpenter's Spartan gallows humor immediately with the rockabilly keyboard score. Carpenter is the emcee of three ghastly tales and he is clearly effervescent in the ringleader role of the morgue attendant. He guzzles formaldehyde and makes sardonic remarks directly to the audience about the "arriving departed" like a Rat Pack lounge singer. It's a shame the show wasn't greenlit for more seasons. He desecrates corpses with a nihilistic lightness of touch and he moves like Danny Kaye. The first segment is The Gas Station, a Hitchcockian story about a new employee at a gas station. Carpenter plagues the viewers with the fear of claustrophobic isolation where the customers could be unhinged and there is no backup for miles. Mostly though, it is a sluggish litany of in-jokes to Haddonfield, a David Naughton (from 'An American Werewolf in London') appearance and a voyeuristic cameo by Wes Craven which is amusingly leering nevertheless. It basically recycles the vexing customers of 'Clerks' with a highly transparent paranoia twist. The next segment, Hair, is more openly facetious in tone. Stacy Keach is a vain gentleman with rapidly thinning follicles and he is obsessively looking for alternatives to his issue. It's a debatably superior step above the previous yarn and Keach is vulnerably tongue-in-cheek with his quiet desperation of hair restoration via therapy tapes and dye treatment. It is ebullient when he rejoices happily in front of the mirror with his new Stallion hairstyle and it's an astute social commentary on the impotence of bald men. The final vignette is Eye, which is the most taut of the three. Mark Hamill is full-tilt hammy and this could've been his audition for the Clown Prince. None of these stories are particularly innovative but the actors are unanimously stupendous. Overall, this failed pilot is a ghoulishly mischievous standalone feature but it doesn't ascend to the top tier of anthology films.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: I caught this little known movie in the theater. Pretty odd movie, made in 1933, it stars Walter Huston as the recently elected president during the Depression who doesn't want to deal with the problems at hand. But after a car accident that puts him in a coma, he awakens after a couple of weeks and is a changed man (or has the angel Gabriel visited him?). I bet this was a pretty controversial film when it was made, because in the film, Huston basically becomes a dictator in order to stop unemployment, end all of the nations war debts, and make a plan for world peace. It's sort of like an early version of the movie Dave. Huston does a great job, and the rest of the cast is great as well, but so much goes on in the second half of the film, it seems rushed (especially the stuff with the debts and the other countries). However, it's odd watching it today with everything that's happening in the US right now.

Vessela D (ca) wrote: It wasn't bad, but too brutal for my taste... Liam Neeson was incredible, though...

Dimitri S (gb) wrote: Drive, it's a very good action movie. Very good action scene's in the movie. Good story. The second best movie with Mark Dacascos. The best movie from Steve Wang. A love the fighting scene's in the movie. Some scene in the movie are funny, not very funny but still funny. Brittany Murphy did a great job in the movie.

Kurt B (gb) wrote: 45 years is a long time for a film to age, but if one can overlook the California landscape, studio sets and somewhat cheesy costumes, the story itself is ageless. And Heston has always played the moralisticly troubled role well.

David L (kr) wrote: Funny and romantic, grand and smart, Singin' in the Rain has it all and it is not only one of the best musicals ever made with many classic and unforgettable songs accompanied by great imagery and all around superb scenes, but it's also one of the best comedies as it is consistently funny with a couple of scenes that are comedy gold, so perfectly constructed and absolutely hilarious. It is such a great satire on early sound films and it serves as a great and funny film history lesson. The film is also a visual marvel to behold leading to an undisputed classic for the ages.