A Note of Love

A Note of Love


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Tim E (it) wrote: So bad it's...kind of good?

Amanda S (gb) wrote: The film hasn't aged well but if you can remember Bronski Beat and Electric Blue tights, you will love this film

Weul S (br) wrote: even that explosive ending (see what I did there? hint hint nudge nudge) couldn't save this dreary, listless film about hippies starting the revolution. Antonioni simply is not the director for me.

Kathleen O (jp) wrote: Bergman was great. Perkins bothered me... He overacts I think.

Brynne D (it) wrote: This, and Twilight Samurai are my two favorite samurai films

Stephen B (au) wrote: A post-apocalyptic vision of a civilisation broken and lawless at the end of the American Civil War in which three women struggle to survive. Much to impress, but the narrative drive is weak and the film's relentlessly grim brutality becomes wearing.

Cynthia S (ag) wrote: Does anyone but me notice that Billy Zane does NOT age?? Hmmmm...anyway. I like him.. Always have...but his movies are average at best. This one included. It's fairly predictable, but the script is decent and keeps you engaged. Extra 1/2 star for Billy's immortality.