A Novela das 8

A Novela das 8

Brazil, 1978, a group of people live their lives under the dictatorship, the euphoria of disco fever and the fantasy of "Dancin' Days", a prime time soap, which fictional drama is set on ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   prostitute,   murder,  

Brazil, 1978, a group of people live their lives under the dictatorship, the euphoria of disco fever and the fantasy of "Dancin' Days", a prime time soap, which fictional drama is set on ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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A Novela das 8 torrent reviews

Vit N (it) wrote: This is not a sad movie but a good film about existentialism.

Connor N (nl) wrote: Fans of the series, get all that they love, and possibly more

Ali A (es) wrote: I thought it might really take serious issues in comedy style. It has its laughs. yet at the middle of the movie you feel it's repeating itself.

Melanie R (ru) wrote: This movie makes me laugh every time. The casting and the chemistry is fabulous.

Bill B (jp) wrote: I was happy to catch this one on opening day and just let it wash over me, a perfect blend of stylish art-house film and cheeky action that's a nice throwback to the classic films that were filled with gadgets and wisecracking. Plus it holds up on Blu-ray in a big bad way, equally gorgeous in the home environment and allows you to really pause and check out details in certain scenes.Great stuff.Recommended.

Marshall L (it) wrote: This biopic exceeds the original source material (Psycho) by leaps and bounds.

JeanAntoine B (jp) wrote: Some parts were good , the actual situation situation of having your mom married your most hated teacher is quite funny. I had a good time watching it

Nico S (es) wrote: I have to say that his is an excellent horror because I buy this on DVD and have to give it away after watching the first ten minutes because this thing f--kin disturbin for real!!! Demonic.

Maridia B (ru) wrote: The only 'exciting' part was the TV set showing the Simpsons in one scene. Even WITH that, the movie still sucks as a heist movie--and they said this was 'better than Spy Kids' on the DVD box. No it isn't.

Michael F (ag) wrote: Powerful film that deals with common emotions/struggles in a very compelling way. It illustrates how innocent people can get sucked into violence when society offers few alternatives.

Jacie N (au) wrote: Ivy owns. VERY GOOD.

Matt H (fr) wrote: Terrible mob satire. Everyone in this movie is also horribly miscast.

Ken S (kr) wrote: Independent noir-ish movie from the early 80s made by a Chinese American director with an entirely Chinese American cast, and taking place in San Fransisco's Chinatown, about a taxi driver who begins a search for his friend who has disappeared with his money (which was supposed to be used for his cab license). He ends up on a fruitless amateur investigation learning that his friend may not have been all that he thought he was, and could've possibly been mixed up with a murder and fled back to China. The movie is also notable for giving a lot of insights into Chinese American culture, and the little intricacies within. t is a good little movie, I liked it, despite a few shortcomings from some of the clear amateurs in the cast...but with smaller indie films? That is often pretty forgivable for me, particularly if the movie has heart, a story, and is trying it's best.

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