A time-travel experiment in which a robot probe is sent from the year 2073 to the year 1973 goes terribly wrong thrusting one of the project scientists,into a plague ravaged alternate time-line whose war weary inhabitants are locked in a constant battle with killer robots from the future.

A time-travel experiment in which a robot probe is sent from the year 2073 to the year 1973 goes terribly wrong thrusting one of the project scientists, a man named Nicholas Sinclair into a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (ru) wrote: I wish I could have given zero stars. Normally, I quite like these movies - after all it's generally done fairly tongue in cheek. Not this one - a blatant "Jaws" rip-off utterly devoid of redeeming qualities.

Ben B (nl) wrote: Trainspotting is cult-classic directed by Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire) and stars Ewan McGregor (Star Wars prequels) as Mark Renton, a heroin addict struggling to rid himself of addiction. Renton's story is accompanied by fellow addicts Spud and SIck Boy, clean-cut Tommy, raging psychopath Begbie, and schoolgirl Diane.Danny Boyle's direction is superb. He never pulls punches when depicting the thrill of taking drugs and the devastation they cause. Moments in the movie are simultaneously hilarious and horrific. McGregor's Renton is both lovable and despicable. The movie itself is relatively simple; plot information is secondary to the characters it's made up of. There are some significant moments played out brilliantly by Boyle's direction. Some of it might feel random, but I think that's the point of the movie.If you haven't heard of Trainspotting and want to see why it's regarded as a cult-classic, go find a way to watch it and enjoy. It's only 90 minutes long and moves along quickly while raising enough questions to dwell on after the end credits roll!Final grade: A-Ben

mirabella 1 (us) wrote: Embarrassingly bad.There is not much else to say....the script stinks, the jokes fall flat, the production values are virtually non-existent, & the acting is excruciatingly painful.It is sad to see that circumstances forced Divine to waste her talents on such rubbish.Judging by the abysmal performances that Divine gave in the few films she made without John Waters, it seems likely that he was as much her muse as she was his. They really brought out the best in one another.

Shawn H (de) wrote: Production quality is poor but the writing is tight and very funny. Corny done right!

Orlok W (it) wrote: A great cast in a film about the gambling bug--Weisbaden Follies!!

Jeff H (ag) wrote: A strait forward story that's much better than the reviews. The only problem is that it is a simple plot.

Aman A (au) wrote: Way too misogynistic in its portrayal, the movie, despite its dialogues, drudged along. It was filmed in too less light so it made the eye strain a bit and intense close ups with handheld made it worse. It really made you wonder if there as a purpose to this or not (you watching this movie or him making it). I must say though the character of Roger was a great study. It was very well written.

Indra W (es) wrote: Compared to 2007 "The Man from Earth", this movie has much better cast, but much less intriguing.