A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

A family man is warned he has only forty days to live.

A family man and suddenly-successful author encounters a mystic stranger who warns him he has only 40 more days to live. Based on a novel by Richard Paul Evans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fairu I (us) wrote: 90 minutes full of coldplay infusion that makes you want to join the crowd... and sing along with some greatest hits such as Viva La Vida, Clocks, Yellow, Fix You, God Put Smile Upon My Face, and dancing with the MX album hits like Charlie brown and Every Teardrop is A Waterfall and enjoy the magnificent lightning and effect throughout the film, plus a cool footage and photos that you don't want to miss

Jocey D (ca) wrote: Cute and amusing. Light and entertaining.

josh m (ca) wrote: weird. but forgettable

Dillon L (ca) wrote: very funny and heart warming

Steve F (es) wrote: Better than I expected, but lacks a bit of logic and takes some pretty big leaps just to artificially create tension when there probably wasn't any need to.

Spice S (ca) wrote: Good performance by Milla Jovovich.

Petros T (br) wrote: "Attack The Block" by newcomer writer/director Joe Cornish is a very fine modern sci-fi movie, holding its own with some simple yet effective monsters, intense action, brevity, a good cast with a bunch of unknown kids in the epicenter and some convincing social commentary to top it all off.

Adam R (it) wrote: One of the funniest movies of the late 00s. This is a scathingly brilliant satire of what supposedly goes on within the American and British governments during war time. It pulls no punches and it keeps you laughing all the way through.I was unaware at first that the movie is based off of the British television series The Thick of It. But don't worry, you don't need to know the show to understand the movie. The commentary is biting, the mockumentary feel allows for some excellent comedy, and the performances (my personal favorite being James Gandolfini as General Miller) make this a fantastic comedic gem that is worth many viewings.

Eve C (kr) wrote: Tout pour Catherine...le film lui est poche !

CL O (ru) wrote: One of the worst films Ive ever seen.

Wu C (ca) wrote: Fantastic doc on Arthur 'Killer' Kane, the bassist for the New York Dolls. If you like documentaries and/or the Dolls, this is one for you.

Julio S (ca) wrote: Better than the first one!!!!!!

Manny C (mx) wrote: Whether you're watching a Todd Solondz (Welcome To The Dollhouse, Happiness, Storytelling) backwards to forwards, they're still the same either way: they rub our faces in the grotesque, not the physical kind, but the psychological and emotional kind. Palindromes is no less powerful or nerve-frying. In it Solondz casts eight actors to portray Aviva, a pregnant thirteen-year-old girl who leaves her home after her mother (Ellen Barkin, superb) convinces her to have an abortion. The eight actors range from Emani Sledge, six-years-old, to Jennifer Jason Leigh, even to a pre-teen boy (Will Denton) and an overweight black woman (Sharon Wilkins). Gimmicky to be sure, it mostly works, particularly when a truck driver picks Aviva up and screws her, then takes her to Mama Sunshine (Debra Monk), a Christian woman who cares for disabled children and preaches death to those she calls wicked, especially abortionists. Solondz takes moral hypocrisy to task, and even though he goes a bit too far, it's no less provocative or worth talking about.

A W (ag) wrote: This is the benchmark of awesome movies.

Mark W (us) wrote: The most depressing movie I have ever seen.

Ian C (au) wrote: A Blaxploitation flick for the 1990's. After serving their country in the Vietnam war, a gang of black youths can't find work so resort to planning a heist. Screen legend 'Keith David' is the balls in the soundtrack is up there with the greatest ever complied Sly & The Family Stone, Isaac Hayes, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, The O'Jays, The Impressions and The Temptations. The Hughes Brothers serve up an enjoyable flick but the climax is a bit of a let down.

Justin D (ru) wrote: This is like the Mona Lisa of modern film"a masterpiece from start to finish. I don't think there will ever be a movie released in my lifetime that will produce the same kind of caliber as "The Godfather." Just thinking about this movie gives me shivers at the thought of how good it is.

MeLany C (au) wrote: Love it. Linda Blair wow she knows how to act. Scary movies are her specialty.

Tony B (us) wrote: just watched this. and it is a fantastic movie. so much better than the remake, and I must say brooke shields is one of the prettiest actress I have ever seen

Scott C (ru) wrote: Maybe I should give this another chance one day. I am a Denzel fan and a closet Edward Zwick admirer.