A Perfect Day

A Perfect Day

Film about a group of aid workers trying to resolve a crisis in an armed conflict zone in the Balkans.

Aid workers in the Balkans struggle to accomplish the simplest task: removing a cadaver from a well in a conflict zone. But it becomes an impossible mission when in order to do it, they must outwit pedantic UN bureaucrats, military factions and exploitative local criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James M (br) wrote: A funny look at life through the eyes of a bunch of dinky-di true blue Aussie bogans!

Mike L (au) wrote: Nostalgic....and the young actors are superb.

James L (mx) wrote: Your mind will be twisted like a pretzel, in this heist comedy filled with a solid cast! 3 stars

Morten S (es) wrote: The title alone pretty much says it. Set in Japan, involving the police and last but not least gore by the bocketload! Never since i saw Braindead for the first time have i ever thought I would see a film that was any gorier, but trust me i just have!! I think the filmmakers were pretty self-aware and just wanted to make the goriest film ever, in which i would say they succeeded. Only recommended for gore hounds though. Any normal moviegoer sould probaly stay away, since it's, well very gory.

Andrew C (it) wrote: "You Just Got Stuffed!"

Andrew M (mx) wrote: Knocked Up is all about pregnancy. I didn't find this movie that enjoyable nor funny. However, the plot of the movie on where babies come from was pretty good. If you wanna learn where babies come from or about pregnancy then I would suggest this movie.

Keita S (br) wrote: I just love Gina Gershon.Whatever she does, she gets me.Yeah. Cute Gina Gershon. It's a bit creepy, but absolutely by all means.

Jordan F (ag) wrote: friggin epic!!!! i loved it the only down fall was that there wasnt enough donnie

karen s (kr) wrote: It's 1946 and Indian independence is at hand when HEY RAM begins and we meet 3 friends, Saket Ram (Kamal Hassan) a Hindu, another Hindu friend Lalwani, and their mutual Muslim friend Amjad played by Shah Rukh Khan. At first it seems as if we're going to see just another Bollywood flick as the 3 launch into a giddy, drunken musical number. But the tone of the film turns on a dime when Saket Ram returns home to Calcutta the very day the violent riots between Hindus and Muslims break out. Tragically his beloved young wife Aparna (Rani Mukherjee) is gang raped and murdered and Saket himself is swept up in the murderous mobs seeking retribution. He finds himself both witnessing and committing unthinkable acts. That night is a kaliedoscope of depravity, and after experiencing a blood soaked old Muslim man mistake him for an angel sent to save him, and the old man's blind grand daughter groping her way toward her own death, he can take no more and staggers back to his apartment and his slaughtered wife. But even at his own doorstep there is one more horror--a sacred white elephant standing, swaying, over its lifeless mahout. Before reaching that point there was one other encounter for Saket Ram, and it was a life changing one. He met a wild eyed rebel Sriram Abhyankar (Atul Kulkarni) It's Sriram who first planted the evil, logical notion in Saket's grief stricken brain that the cause of all this death and chaos was one man, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi--The Mahatma. It was he who betrayed his own country and his own religion, and if things were ever to be right again, he must die. I almost turned this off when I realized that I was watching a film that potentially dealt with the life of the man who had assassinated the Mahatma, but I didn't and I'm glad of it. Although the film is painfully slow, it is well worth watching.

Adam A (mx) wrote: Despite not fulfilling its potential script, "Falling Down" is supremely well-acted, and specially by Michael Douglas in this showdown of everyday justice within our society.

Evonne I (ag) wrote: Lovely. Martin Donovan, William Sage, Karen Sillas. This is the one where they dance to Kool Thing by Sonic Youth. It's slow, it's thoughful, the dialogue is spare and economical. Where's the action? Nowhere to be seen, and that's the way it should be.

Thomas W (jp) wrote: I'm just gonna drop a mini review for this one cause I'm in a hurry today. Disorganized Crime was a movie I watched without knowing anything about the film. I ended up really enjoying it. Despite the slow opening the film caught its pace about 15 min in. From there out it was pretty damn good. Lots of funny moments and the cast was great. So if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet I highly recomend you do.

Brett B (it) wrote: When you've got great genre players like Lorre, Hardwicke, and Massey in the film, you expect to be in good hands, but save for a fantastic central idea, INVISIBLE AGENT is a mostly dull affair, bearing little of the creativity or panache of some of the other entries in the Invisible Man saga. That Curt Siodmak, a very fine writer, masterminded this is kind of puzzling, and it's easily his least successful script from his stint with Universal.

Anna C (fr) wrote: The name Rodriguez must be a doom because this movie is really Rodriguez/Tarantino style and it's good! The plot is well constructed with a couple of good almost unexpected twists. The cast is also pretty good, even if I didn't know anyone except for Christian Slater... Scott Adkins, the lead character, is the nth Ben Affleck clone, after Ryan Reynolds, Edward Burns and so on... but he's not bad. I really enjoyed this movie, hope it will come in my country very soon!

oliver m (br) wrote: saw it by accident! unbearable! all the actors (especially Adam Pally) should be banned from screens forever!

Jeffrey N (au) wrote: There is a lot of press around whether or not the events in this documentary are true, but nevertheless, it is indicative of the way people deal with internal pain in the digital age. Before the Internet, Myspace, Facebook, dating sites, etc., people dealt with loneliness and pain in completely different ways. With the advent of new technology, though, seemingly shut-in, anti-social or introverted people can now explore a outside life without the fear of exposure or rejection. Well, unless you do what Nev allegedly did during this movie to get to the bottom of a relationship he THOUGHT he was building with a girl named Megan. The story that unwinds gets sadder and sadder, showing what this powerful, worldwide tool can be used for given the minds of certain people. True or not, Catfish does show the capabilities a twisted mind can use in this modern world.