A Perfect Little Man

A Perfect Little Man


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A Perfect Little Man torrent reviews

Tavonna M (au) wrote: Awesome collection of shorts on mental illness. Great shot into how it affects others.

Joanna L (mx) wrote: Beautiful love story ?. I cried a lot ??, but while I enjoyed each character. I recommend 100%.

Jeff C (jp) wrote: I don't know why but you hear such BAD things about this movie...I'm curious!

Matthew P (us) wrote: a very strong and amazing biopic. Robert Carlyle, my favorite actor, gives a stellar performance as Hitler...

Allen G (mx) wrote: As a biography, it's very much by-the-book, serving mostly as a Wiki page shot on film. It's subject, however, was so fascinating and made such a huge contribution to the world of cinema that, even the most standard telling of his life makes for good viewing.It's certainly a homage to Kubrick and if you want something a little more nuanced than that then look elsewhere. Personally, I think Kubrick's legacy is strong enough for me to look over all of the lip-service (or to simply agree with it sometimes, if I'm honest).What's interesting about this one though is that, due to his reclusiveness, no one involved really seems to understand Kubrick and we're often left with more questions than answers, which should suit Kubrick fans just fine.Even if you aren't much of a fan though, or rather, you just aren't that interested in the man himself- this film still gives some good insight into the making of some very well-received pieces of cinema and so there's still value here.Worth a watch for film fans but probably a great bore if you aren't familiar with Kubrick or any of his films.

Karin M (ru) wrote: a great film if you haven't seen it you really must do!

Henrysmovieguide C (es) wrote: This movie was stupidly cheesy and low-budget. However, it made the movie fun to watch. A good one to see, even if it's mediocre.

Joel B (au) wrote: This ain't so super; to be avoided at any cost.

Krys L (ag) wrote: I much prefer the John Hughes story that tells the same exact story, gender-reversed: Pretty in Pink. Pretty in Pink was funnier, more original, and more memorable. I don't care for the characters of Some kind of Wonderful.

mischelle k (ag) wrote: Of all his movies...this is the one I like best

Anthony C (gb) wrote: Where Eagles Dare is preposterous and overlong, and as a result an extremely difficult film to get through.

Marah R (kr) wrote: Although not a fan of Mathew Broderick's work, I happen to find this film quite enjoyable with its witty script and humor.