A Perfect Murder

A Perfect Murder

Millionaire industrialist Steven Taylor is a man who has everything but what he craves most: the love and fidelity of his wife. A hugely successful player in the New York financial world, he considers her to be his most treasured acquisition. But she needs more than simply the role of dazzling accessory.

The husband is a currency trader whose portfolio value is going right down the drain while the wife is the heiress to a $100 million fortune, and she has an affair with an artist. The husband approaches the artist with plans for a perfect murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M W (ag) wrote: "Half-Baked in Brooklyn" would be a better title for this film, which was a coming of age story about a character that seemed to be patterned after Woody Allen (the whiney, neurotic character he plays, not the esteemed director). He was mostly not funny (at least to me), and although there were a few humorous moments, they were way too few and far between. The relationship between him and his beautiful and rather bland girlfriend was not remotely believable. The production values were high, acting was pretty good, but the story and characters were badly lacking. I will give it two stars because I did watch it all the way to the end, but that was only because I wanted to see the annoying "hero" of this movie either beaten up or arrested, preferably both. I doubt that's the reaction the director desired, but who knows?

Scott R (de) wrote: Too complicated and hung up on past issues for its own good. Great acting though.

burhan s (it) wrote: Why is it so difficult for everybody to realize your health is your biggest asset,and why should you let anyone endanger it knowingly,for me it looks bad i think for you too..

Peter C (fr) wrote: Watched a preview of the film Ill Manors earlier, directed and part scripted by the rapper Plan B.It received several luke warm reviews, some of which I agree with (it's overly long, relentlessly harrowing and lacks subtlety), but overall I found myself drawn into the world of the characters and their environment.Set in the sink estates of East London, in the shadows of the Olympic Stadium and Canary Wharf, it holds a mirror up to the uncompromising reality facing so many young boys and girls in the capital - gun crime, abduction, rape, prostitution, human trafficking, drug dealing, gang warfare - without ever glamorising or passing judgement on it.It's obviously not what you would call a hoot (Dick Van Dyke doesn't make a cameo), nor a masterpiece; but a refreshing, authentic, albeit bleak counterweight to the Jason Statham cod cockney gangster flicks.Plan B also wrote and performed several rap songs for the film, which serve to give back story to the characters and tie all the loose ends (of which there are many) together. So even if you find the subject matter and/or execution of the film hard going, you should at least appreciate the music.And this coming from a guy who knows as much about rap as he does about ladies flowers!

Barry T (au) wrote: Interesting but badly acted and scripted

Paul C (gb) wrote: This was a very interesting movie, but it was kind of boring. It was missing that big suspense and that really big ending. The movie had a little suspense and a decent ending though. Jay Baruchel was ok in this film, but it is not my favorite role played by him. His character just didn't really seen comfortable. Now Randy Quaid was interesting. He was a hitman with a scottish accent. I really thought he played a good scottish man. But for the most part, the movie was slow. It was nice to watch and for that you can say it is a decent film. But it was just missing that jazz to make the viewer more interested.

Pavan R (gb) wrote: A damp squib except for the great surroundings and occasionally Liv Tyler!!

Michael A (us) wrote: David Carradine gets it a star.Red head Chick with Glasses gives it a starAnd Oh Madison Stone you give it 4 Stars. But if you take out the horrible acting.the insanely bad animationThe really bad special effects this movie is back to 1 star. but it is really funny seeing 4 porn stars trying to act in a really bad movie check it out. Laugh a minute

Eira K (de) wrote: Brilliant is the word that best sums this swedish animated film up. Loosely based on The Tempest by W. Shakespeare this film takes us through hope and despair, light and dark. It also has a strong ideological message about caring for each other and the environment which feels more important now than ever.

Art S (gb) wrote: Pretty brutal look at poverty in Spain...but is everything here true?

Bradley H (gb) wrote: A charming, wintery comedy where not much happens, but still it's a pleasure to watch the vivid characters interact with one another.

Bronte S (de) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Delivery man never gets boring and always keeps you interested. There is a lot of laughs and heartfelt moments. I usually enjoy comedians playing a serious role. This movie has a few "straight-faced" moments which vince Vaughn has played very well.

Danny S (gb) wrote: This is an awesome funny, that is so funny. I loved it. Seen it many many times.