A Pistol for Ringo

A Pistol for Ringo

Giuliano Gemma stars as a cool, cocky mercenary enlisted by a sheriff to infiltrate a ruthless gang of outlaws. Ennio Morricone provided the score to this early spaghetti western hit.

Finito in prigione per avere ucciso, per legittima difesa, tre uomini mentre giocava a campana, Ringo viene liberato per infiltrarsi tra i banditi capeggiati da Sancho che, dopo una rapina ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Pistol for Ringo torrent reviews

sita a (au) wrote: I've watched a lot of thrillers - can't say I'm a fan of them, especially those with scary, gory faces that suddenly pop on your screen. But because it is a LDW movie, I couldn't miss it for the world. Plus, reviews were mixed so I wanted to know why. I had to watch it twice since half the time I was reading the English subtitles, so during the replay, I concentrated on their facial expressions and intonations. Again, LDW met my expectations. He played his part convincinvly as the rookie detective Hyun-gi that nobody would have guessed his significance in the whole movie. But when he jokingly answered So-young that he wanted to become a cop to find his first love, I really thought this was relevant to the story. After watching the movie, I was still staring at the screen for a long time because I couldn't believe it was over. I felt cheated - I wanted it to go on. Kudos to the director! Great screenplay!

Robert I (es) wrote: Better than Kung Fu Hustle!

Andrew C (ca) wrote: This was not really a Hellraiser movie, it's not that this movie was bad it's just that it wasn't what you wanted to see when you want to watch a Hellraiser movie. I've actually seen this exact same premise done in several other ghost and dementia movies, and it was easy to solve the who done it before the half way mark.

Alberto G (fr) wrote: It had it's moments and it's no wonder it has achieved a cult following with some over the top moments and it's absurdity, but I will admit the movie has aged well with it's social satire. Ms. Turner had a great performance and made the movie better than it really is.

Mason W (us) wrote: Not too much fighting at all but it's great to see Chan with a partner and a few great stunts.

Evan J (jp) wrote: Well now we all know where J.K. Rowling got the name Harry Potter from.This is no where near the level of epic-ness that Troll 2 has, nor does it have any sort of relation to Troll 2 besides the title. T2 is seriously one of my favorite movies of all-time. This isn't even epic, but Troll is still a film that falls under the category: So Bad It's Good. I found this pretty hilarious and had a good time watching it.

David G (es) wrote: My personal favorite James Bond film.

Thomas P (ru) wrote: Thoughtful, quirky, hilarious, neurotic, even romantic, and altho talky, it moves quickly from joke to joke and thot to thot. Keaton and Allen are at their ultimate nuttiest and captured in their own goofy quirkdom here, and you will get it or you wont. I got it. Allen is actually shown enjoying himself w Keaton, and it makes this whole film transcend the dire selfish creep that Allen characterises otherwise.He smirks often and has fun!This is the culmination of the intriguing bits that make up Woody Allen's comedy without wasting too much time on any one of his many character pitfalls.You will love or hate this.It hits all the bases of fun entertainment, and was picture of the year for 1977, beating out Star Wars.Not for everyone tho - who might find the characters annoying. It IS Woody Allen.. 4 out of 5 smirky glances

Brian R (mx) wrote: I thought it was going to be cheesy but I was very much entertained throughout the whole movie. It's a good movie that keeps you interested from the very beginning all the way to the end.

Todd G (de) wrote: A perfect cure for insomnia