A Place Among the Living

A Place Among the Living

A mediocre pulp novelist is approached by a stranger claiming to be a serial killer with a proposition to chronicle his crimes.

A mediocre pulp novelist is approached by a stranger claiming to be a serial killer with a proposition to chronicle his crimes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach M (kr) wrote: A pretty cool Scooby-Doo short film/collection that looks like puppets.Fun story and all the voice actors, Frank Welker, Matthew Lillard, Mindy Cohn and Grey DeLisle reprise their roles for the characters.Absolutely loved the look of this movie and it was a welcome change from the cartoons.

Kim D (ru) wrote: This was one of the best made Christian movies I have see. It is completely honest in telling the story of Rich Mullins. It was obvious that it was a low budget film but they still did a good job. Some will be disappointed to learn about the struggles of Rich but I found the honesty and message so refreshing.

FilmGrinder S (fr) wrote: 76% It uses, borrows, and steals from numberless horror films."You'll like it on this side. Life's a bitch and so are you."-Derek

Phuc T (ru) wrote: The Flu would be more perfect without too much political stuffs...

Bhagyesh B (it) wrote: nothing great!!!.. a different movie but started slowly and ended up nicely with a strong message to the communitly

Walter M (mx) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][color=royalblue]"Alila" is an Israeli movie set in an apartment building. It features various denizens while focusing on a divorced builder and his son who has gone AWOL from the army and a very anonymous affair. Director Amos Gitai uses exquisite tracking shots and jump cuts to tell his story but Michael Haneke fell flat on his face doing pretty much the same thing with "Code Unknown" in 2001. "Alila" is a slight improvement.(Both "Alila" and "Code Unknown" make mention of illegal immigration.) What this technique allows for is glimpses into the lives of its characters but because that is all we get, there is never a sense that we ever get know any of them, and several remain complete mysteries. There is something here about how neighbors interact with each other but not much. [/color][/font]

Karl N (ag) wrote: Wonderful little film-jewel! No action, no computer graphics, but real life characters in a quiet, but important story. Low-budget filmmaking at its best!

Adam A (br) wrote: SPOILERS!!! Cube seem like it has plenty of potential but when you tear it apart you will soon find out that it is a lazy, sloppy, wrong directed, almost forgetable thriller/horror/gore movie. It is quite amazing how the scriptwriters could, through a bunch of prime-numbers, equalize this poorly written material to a rather intresstring survival flick. Well that is about it! The mathematics are great, and suspense is right there aswell, but with these dull cardboard cut-outs with a booring, lazy output through their actions you cant get much emotional brain out of it. The movie idea is great, for its time, but the plotline struggles to hard to get the pop quiz of math out there and soon starts to forget about its characters, (they just didnt think outside the box :P). This is to bad they didnt elaborate more on that part, more of how their outcome would have been. The direction on the suspense is very well putted together but when the actors react the script, youll understand the end pretty quickely. The very issue with this flick is the pay-off, alot of climbing for no slide.

Wes S (es) wrote: Unfollowable and uninteresting plot, bland characters, and overall a boring, forgettable film.

Ani A (nl) wrote: Love this funny old movie.

Jorban J (mx) wrote: Jim Carey's character was, surprisingly, a lot more interesting than the cliches he's known for in this movie.

Jason M (jp) wrote: This is the 1st Monty Python film, which was targeted towards American audiences. It was a recreation of their most popular skits from the first 2 seasons of their UK TV series, without laugh track. The recreations fall short of the originals. This is a very low budget production. Monty Python was a genuine, unique and silly British comedy series. There hadn't been anything like it before. For this reason, this film preserves some of their most famous early skits. However, this film will likely not be appreciated by non-fans, who will want to desperately turn it off or run out of the room after the first 10 minutes or so, if they can last that long. I appreciate the genre and their TV series, but enjoyed their feature films more.

Scot C (de) wrote: Not worth the time to view.