A Place for Lovers

A Place for Lovers

Globe-trotting clothes-horse Faye Dunaway, who's harboring a secret, embarks on a 10-day fling with Marcello Mastroianni in Italy. This 1968 film was directed by Vittorio De Sica.

Julia, a divorced American fashion designer, is dying of a tragic, incurable disease. With only ten days to live, she spends her time vacationing in an Italian villa and watching television... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Toni K (nl) wrote: Predictable but cute

Van M (fr) wrote: I found Dir. Mark Wexler's documentary very enlightening as it detailed a vast variety of methods to slow the aging process. It was interesting to see so many celebrities lend their thoughts on the topic too. It doesn't matter what age you are, this film shows inspiring outlooks on the nature of life and death. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Claire B (it) wrote: i LOVE this movie, its pretty freaky

William P (ca) wrote: This was a GREAT SHOW. I used to watch that movie every night, overnight. The last move was my VERY FAVORITE chapter of the movie.

Martin (br) wrote: Watchable, but not great. The theme is very interesting, but I guess it had a too small budget to really create the sense from the book.

Zdravko P (it) wrote: Rocky loves Emily ROCKY LOVES eMILY rOCKY LOVES EMILY!

Amrita S (nl) wrote: interesting but a bit confusing... not my ideal Satyajit Ray...

Alice S (us) wrote: weird. bad lip-syncing. but ok. i can see what rock stars and directors have been influenced by this film.

Mark V (es) wrote: Without a doubt one of Price's best, if not THE best, it truly stands the test of time by being as genuinely funny and entertaining now as it would have been back then. Price quoting Shakespeare on the balcony is one of my favorite scenes of any horror from the 70s.

Michal P (ag) wrote: Charmingly trashy, definitely worth seeing!

Andrew R (it) wrote: What a fucking surprise this was. I take it all back, Mr. LeBeouf. Well, maybe not all, but you done good kid. This was a treat to see Shia more vulnerable, and not all mega-star bullshit because the guy can act. At times whimsical, viscerally violent, and out-of-nowhere bizarre I actually gave a shit (which is a rarity these days) about what was going to happen to poor Charlie Countryman as he ends up in Bucharest (not Budapest) and is treated to all manner of good and terrible things in this Romanian crucible. Love. Death. Music. Violence. Sex and drugs. You know, that old chestnut.

Peter L (br) wrote: Definitely doesn't deserve a rotten rating.

Kevin D (br) wrote: Character actor Walston gives a nice screwball performance as the lead in Wilder's bedroom farce. Even in self-parody mode Dean Martin is an achingly terrible actor, but not terribly much is required of him.

Ethan L (mx) wrote: Awesome, best fantasy love story I've watched