A Place In The Sun

A Place In The Sun

An ambitious young man wins an heiress's heart but has to cope with his former girlfriend's pregnancy.

George Eastman, a handsome and charming but basically aimless young man who goes to work in a factory run by a distant, wealthy relative. Feeling lonely one evening, he has a brief rendezvous with assembly-line worker Alice Tripp, but he forgets all about her when he falls for dazzling socialite Angela Vickers. Alice can';;t forget about him, though: she is pregnant with his child. Just when George';;s personal and professional futures seem assured, Alice demands that he marry her or she';;ll expose him to his society friends. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dave P (fr) wrote: absolutely heartbreaking, mind boggling, frustrating....one of the best docs I have ever seen.

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Carl B (ag) wrote: the wrestle between capitalism and communism has never looked so amazing. this is a pop art explosion of patriotism and absurdist americanisms. every scene is lavishly draped in red white and blue, this film is a visual feast for the imagery glutton.

Curtis J (it) wrote: A little trifle from the 60's with Lynn Redgrave as an overweight girl who is in the shadows of her more glamorously pretty roommate played by Charlotte Rampling. James Mason is the horny old millionaire who on one hand tells Georgy he thinks of her as a daughter and then presents her with a "Mistress Contract". It's dated, and the end is actually kind of sadly depressing, when I know that wasn't the intent, but worth a gander.

Sausages M (kr) wrote: It was supposed to by Garbo's vehicle but Crawford absolutely steals the show here, and it's not just because she's so much sexier. Garbo chews the scenery and Joan is absolutely restrained and naturalistic. Apparently she watched her idol do her scenes without her knowledge. Knowing Joan, her reading was no accident. Yes, Garbo is playing a neurotic but she's far too theatrical. Anyway, to the film.This is a surprisingly dark little melodrama with lots going on between the lines, as I suppose was inevitable given that it's set in Berlin in 1932. It's not overt, but the currents are there. John Barrymore is utterly charming as the Baron and his brother Lionel is quite touching, if a little old fashioned as Kringelein. The set design is really quite amazingly lavish and evokes the era beautifully. The story runs along believeably enough, if a little soapily but all in all it's just a lot of fun to watch, if you can set aside the prejudices of your modern eyes and just enjoy yourself.Nothing brilliant here outside of the sets and story-telling, and the pace is a bit uneven. However, creaky though it is, Grand Hotel is worth a stay in.

Tim A (kr) wrote: that one star is for j-moore

narissa b (gb) wrote: best movie in thee world

Sbaste G (mx) wrote: Biggest. Guilty. Pleasure.

William C (es) wrote: Grade:Higher 3/10The Cold Light of Day is an action thriller that serves up well, not that much in all truth. With some slightly rousing action and most of the OK acting coming from those who are minor and I mean minor characters, there aren't many points I can think of when trying to compliment this movie. In this I will explain why this is just simply not good and although I find some movies much worse than this I did think this to be just about bad, and here below is why I felt that way about it.The story is pretty silly at times and although starts in a promising way just starts to fade and fade and barely hangs on to it's bad rating by the end. The action is seen throughout but when it is there you don't want it and then it isn't there when you really need a bit of a thrill. It has some twists I guess but when they happen they just don't make you more interested at all and although it starts off as a promising mystery, it never builds on that well at all.Henry Cavill is not so good in this and although it may be some of the directors fault, he is just too unbelievable as a character and too stale really. Bruce Willis is a bit of a wild card just to add in a big name and along with Sigourney Weaver provide the big star quality, that never actually happens and both are two of the worst points in this entire movie. I said about the extras and they actually outdo the main actors, some of the people we see in this are kind of raw and new characters who relieve some of the poor acting.Mabrouk El Mechri does not direct in a way that we should be seeing in film, it is so lazy and underdone it feels improvised by the actors or as if they saw the script and just played it out there own way. On the point of the script it also is not of the right quality and although not the worst thing doesn't help this movie in getting off the ground. The fight scenes are well done to be fair and although implausible at times, still quite good to look at even if in a dull part of the movie.Like what I said about the fights, the action is actually not too shabby and one of the major points when trying to find positivity about this film are the car chases which are kind of cool. I really liked the setting of this movie in truth, not just the coast line and the sea but the city of Madrid provides a beautiful back drop in bits to the uneventful movie, a good tip, if you find yourself getting bored just admire the beautiful architecture.I think if you really enjoy a good old action fest then you may like this but then again you may be bored out your mind when it comes to it's long dialogue and uneventful moments. I can see why some would like this mostly from the view it is just good fun and although I didn't feel that way about it I certainly wouldn't expect everyone who see's this to dislike it so I guess just go and give it a go if anything.Overall I give this a higher kind of 3/10 and I felt that it was Just About a Bad movie. It isn't all bad I admit and is not awful either but still needs to do a lot more to even just be an average movie let alone OK. Give it a go as I mentioned, you may find a gem of a film that not many people liked where as some may also turn it off in the first 10 minutes, just whatever you think of it, try to enjoy your 93 minutes.