A Pool Without Water

A Pool Without Water

The man has a monotonous job punching tickets for the Japanese railway. One night, while walking home, he saves Jun from getting raped by two hoodlums. A few days later, he sneaks into her house but gets discovered. Later, as he's watches his son subdue an insect with a chemical, the man gets an idea to subdue women while they're sleeping so he won't be discovered sneaking into their home. His new hobby spirals out of control as his confidence grows.

A married man with a boring job, wife talks too much, bratty children, live in cramped place, envisions a way to end this misery while keeping his family life. He schemes chloroforming an attractive waitress. He chloroforms her as she sleeps, and he has sex with her. He does the same with other women as well, but returns to the waitress, at times living a token for her. By mistake, he removes his mask and falls unconscious and wakes up in her room and start thinking about what the outcome will be of his foolishness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Graham B (ca) wrote: A tale of hippy radicals who establish a commune in rural France in 1968 and following on to their equally radical children 20 years later.It's ambitious premise doesn't quite pay off and the very likeable cast of characters are let down by a rather melancholic and lacklustre script. Great aging make-up and beautifully shot, but the story lacks pace or promise. Shame.

Harry W (it) wrote: With a curiosity about the gay side of the pornography industry, Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon sounded like an interesting piece of history's underbelly.The first line of dialogue in Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon immediately establishes the answer that everyone wants to ask a porn star: why did you enter the industry? Jack Wrangler's answer is intriguing as it goes beyond the simplistic answer that it is an easy path to money, and that immediately sets the idea that the subject of the documentary is going to be an interesting one. As the story unfolds, we really get a sense of why. Jack Wrangler is a very interesting man, not so much for his pornographic career but because of how much he defied the conventions that stereotyped the gay community for so long during the more homophobic era of the late 20th century. We get a sense of how he changed the concept of masculinity in his heyday by playing the stereotypical cowboy archetype into his pornographic persona and how that led viewers to understand that the "limp-wristed" gay stereotype is little more than a stereotype. The message in Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon is that a man in the porn industry changed the face of homosexual culture forever. Yet even though that is the message, it is not the easiest thing to feel due to the simplistic manner in which the documentary is constructed.If you've seen Inside Deep Throat, you'd know that the pornographic industry is a seedy one which is rooted in disrespecting its stars for the sake of a profit, with Linda Lovelace's story compiling a history of physical and sexual abuse. It is interesting to see it from the perspective of a different gender this time around. The industry is seen as more positive from the perspective of a male performer and we get an understanding of how Jack Wrangler actually made progress for the way gays were viewed in society. But we do not look into this too deeply. Inside Deep Throat could have had more depth, but it emphasized the way that it changed the porn industry and the life of the many people involved well enough. With Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, the focus is solely on one person which is fair enough considering that it is his story. Yet he is not given enough depth to truly justify a full 82 minutes surrounding him, especially when the filmmaking feels so mediocre.Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon is in such a rush to tell the entire story and not mess around that it proceeds at an incredibly fast pace. Since it only runs for a time period of 82 minutes and is seriously limited in the quantity of people it has interviewed to tell the full story, reserving most of it for the perspective of the titular man Jack Wrangler. Because of that, it feels like a lot of the time that Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon does not take a second to catch its breath and ask why the interviewees feel the way they do about certain things. We get a sense of what happened, but we do not always get a sense of why. Though Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon is an effective depiction of the career of Jack Wrangler, it hardly feels like there is much of a sense of depth in it all. One factor for this is because Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon actually has very few people to interview and so the perspective of Jack Wrangler's life is very limited with the full scope of his described legacy not being felt by the way that Jeffrey Schwarz handles his life story. Though this film is clearly a very personal piece for him, Jeffrey Schwarz feels distant from the feature because he looks at everything in a rather theoretical manner. He successfully gets a lot out of direct interviews with Jack Wrangler himself which gives us all a valid sense of his perspective on his own life story, but the fact is that Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon is in such a rush to tell its story that it forgets what it should honestly be doing and ends up feeling distant from its subject matter as if it were a TV movie funded by MTV. Frankly, Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon works more as a reconstruction of the events of Jack Wrangler's life more than anything because it spends so much time talking about that, but due to the fact that it fails to examine its more complex themes with substance or effective drama, the end result is a fast paced but hollow recreation of Jack Wrangler which really fails to go as deep as anatomy, regardless of what the title may suggest.I will certainly say though that Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon did give me a sensible piece of education on the way that gay culture has developed over time as well as the I learned that the commercialisation of the gay porn industry was one of the most notable expressions of gay culture during the free love time period of the 1970's and beyond. The fact that Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon is so neutral approaching its material may lack depth, but at the same time it gives a simple and clear perspective on the fact that gay culture is not as complicated as the modern media may lead it to be. So the simplicity in Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon does allow it to take an easygoing and casual look at the material which viewers do not have to desensitise themselves to appreciate.So Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon has an interesting story to tell and gains momentum thanks to the fact that it has an effective interview with the subject itself for much of the film, but the limited extent that it actually gets involved in its material, the rushed pace and few people that it actually interviews gives it the credit of an MTV TV documentary short.

Vuk S (ru) wrote: Seemed interesting at first, yet it was nothing special at all. Actually the movie seemed somewhat homophobic, as it was trying to say that gay men are in a way terrified of the female body and sexuality. Some of the scenes were memorable, mostly because of their shock value, not because of some deeper meaning (or maybe they had some meaning which I wasn't interested in enough to understand). In the end the movie seemed like a waste of time and mild disappointment, since it did a poor job at delivering what was trying to be portrayed, nor did it stimulate any interest in me to search for deeper meaning in the plot.

Maura W (au) wrote: Life changing movie. You must see. It's perfect!

Holly F (ca) wrote: About time we had Jack and the Beanstalk live action movie! I enjoyed watching this, a definitely unique version of the tale. It's beautiful and adventurous tinged with darkness.

Kyle M (nl) wrote: The return trip to the original setting from the first film is a nice reunion excluding Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward unfortunately. But that was the point for the third's storyline: to see how well the experienced locals handles another attack with the absence of the duo. It resulted to have the same entertaining value with the cast and their characterization; but the comedy seen in the first two was little this time. Although thanks to how entertaining it is, it's a worthy sequel to watch. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Ashley H (nl) wrote: Flawless is a disappointing film. It is about an ultraconservative police officer who suffers a debilitating stroke and is assigned to a rehabilitative program that includes singing lessons - with the drag queen next door. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robert De Niro give some what awful performances. The script is badly written. Joel Schumacher did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Jessica H (fr) wrote: Funny at times, but mostly a good family film.

Laura B (it) wrote: Very weird..but I like it!

Brian H (ca) wrote: My Favorite Vampire Flick from the Eighties. I saw this when I was like 11 and loved it ever since. A must see for vampire movie fans.

Nate W (it) wrote: Rod Steiger gives a devoted performance as a proud Irish Virginian who, following the Confederacy's surrender of the Civil War, bitterly abandons his home and ventures west to eventually be taken into the Sioux tribe. When the Yankees make their way west to build forts and roads, war ensues, forcing Steiger to question his allegiances. The portrayal of the Sioux can only be described as unconvincing in this movie, played by non-Native American actors speaking in perfect English. Charles Bronson is about the most ill-fitted actor to play a tribal chief as you can imagine, and if casting Sara Montiel as Steiger's Sioux wife wasn't enough, they had Angie Dickinson dub the dialogue so that her diction would be crystal clear. More attention to ethnic detail would have served this story well.

Matthew G (es) wrote: My personal favorite of the series. Nick & Nora Charles at there best!

Sarah S (br) wrote: very cliche, but entertaining

Matthew B (fr) wrote: Clever and twisted. Great ending. Don't wiki it and spoil yourself.

William G (us) wrote: Paul Blart: Mall Cop features a heartwarming and uplifting lead character, and an original story with genuine humor. 4.5/5

nick d (jp) wrote: This movie was definitely awkward, but I must say that it was very enjoyble. It's hard to describe. People think it was a genre jumble, but I feel like it was more a commentary on typically thick genre memes. Somehow it was able to pry some lighthearted fun from mashing together standard motifs and then just laughing at them while at the same time creating a relatable thread between the characters. Original but in the way a collage can be. Where there is a lot that is familiar but torn and glued together to become its own thing, rough but authentic

Trish W (br) wrote: Good fun. Very funny.