A Previous Engagement

A Previous Engagement

When Julia Reynolds talks her husband into a family vacation in Malta she has a secret agenda: a date made twenty-five years earlier with her first love.

When Julia Reynolds talks her husband into a family vacation in Malta she has a secret agenda: a date made twenty-five years earlier with her first love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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rajab k (ca) wrote: Utterly UTTERLY awful. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!! Managed two minutes after being dragged by my musical obsessed partner. She prompted out prompt exit stating the largely untalented other Atherton sister was 'too much and crap'

Ken S (mx) wrote: When you consider all of the big slasher franchises of the 80s and 90s...is there a stranger concept that the evil doll Chucky? A serial killer is attempting to escape capture, and when he is fatally shot, he uses voodoo to put his soul inside a doll...and when he is bought by a single mom for her 6 year old, he begins to wreak havoc on their lives and get revenge on the cop that killed him and the partner that left him behind. It is a totally goofy premise, but it is pretty creepy and has some good kills too. It is surprisingly better than it's stupid premise should allow it to be, and I chuckled a lot near the end.

Aman D (de) wrote: one of the best work in recent time.i was deeply impressed by choice of different characters by the director and the way he went into their pyche.the whole movie has been dealt very well.and it also hitted various things in all right places with perfect sattire yet being syphatetic towards characters.some of the characters can have a whole movie on themselves,also these characters have been rarely shown on indian screen and never too well.a work worth praising.the mvie goes above expectations.

Vicky L (es) wrote: reallii reallii wanna cee

TTT C (nl) wrote: (**): Thumbs Down Not really anything special here because it is exactly what you think it will be. Some of the gore effects are alright but the film's "cheesiness" didn't help it!

Faisal A (kr) wrote: One doesn't need to reinvent the wheel with every movie, but "The Possession" offers little by way of scares. A retread of spooky films before it, they tried to reinvent Exorcism via a little Jewish beat, but the Catholic version seems way more haunting.

Brett A (br) wrote: Well... Madonna as a sexy femme fatale? Who would not like this?

Jillum A (ru) wrote: "We are here to destroy everything and ruin your life..God sent us."

Jack S (it) wrote: Sooooo many quotable quotes

Bilal a (ag) wrote: If I had to pick one from the franchise it's this one. Use to watch this on VHS on repeat ALL day and the the soundtrack it purely for GYM motivation

Frances H (jp) wrote: One of my favorite 80s films--a great sci-fi and romance flick.

Adrian B (kr) wrote: Deranged jungle film finds a young girl left abandoned after her parents are apparently killed in a cave collapse. She is adopted by Shaman, a jungle woman who likes a black version of Faye Dunnaway for some reason, and she begins to learn the life of the jungle while being surrounded by relatively calm, exotic animals. Then one day, she grows up, and invaders from the outside world arrive and she tries to protect her civilization. So many questions are asked after watching this film, which include: why does that zebra look so bizarre and go "naah"? Or why does Sharman not age for twenty years (not even plastic surgery, if there is any in the jungle, could save her from wrinkles)? Or why does no one go out and search for Sheena and her missing parents at the beginning of the film? Or why does the background African images resemble the Great Salt Flats of Utah? Or why does that helicopter being attacked by the flamingoes resemble the scenes from Hitchcock's "The Birds"? Or why does everything explode in a ball of fury? Or what happened to the scripwriters of this film? Or why does this film have a rating of PG (Parental Guidance) when you see explosive Tanya Roberts nudity? So many questions, none of them can answered in this contrived, incoherent empty-headed joke! In her 1984 review, New York Times critic Janet Maslin said "'Sheena' is the perfect summer movie for anyone who's dissatisfied with the season's intentional comedies..." Considering it is 27 years later and there are not many good comedies this summer, it could work!

Kyle B (us) wrote: A great ensemble piece with great performances from Paul Newman, Sally Field, Bob Balaban, and Melinda Dillon. Great writing, score, and direction from Sydney Pollack who I am pretty hit or miss with.

Jeremy S (ag) wrote: A whole hell of a lot of fun. Gravedigger Jones and Coffin Ed Johnson are where it's at. Loved it.

Andrea C (gb) wrote: The raw images taken during the Holocaust combined with the narration of Jean Cayrol's poem created a unique account of the Holocaust quite like nothing else I've ever seen or heard. Nigh and Fog opens a window for a personal relationship between the viewer and the events depicted in the film by showing how human suffering is universal and atemporal.

Samuel M (kr) wrote: Con un estilo similar al de aquel Guy Ritchie que todos recordamos pero con nociones muy reconocibles del cine de Vaughn, Layer Cake destaca como una de las obras ms interesantes del director ingls. Algo que no es de extraar ya que fueron compaeros durante algunos aos.Una historia de crook de enredos entre miembros de los bajos fondos, pero con un estilo mucho menos sucio y callejero. Divertida e inteligente, aunque no por ello novedosa. Daniel Craig est estupendo en su papel aunque tambin lo acompaa un cast solvente encabezado por Colm Meaney. Mencin tambin a la gran edicin y puesta en escena que nos va lanzando pistas constantes a la vez que nos engaa para tenernos enganchados.Un clsico moderno que pas muy desapercibido.

Mark A (ca) wrote: The combined talents of director Darren Aronofsky and revived star Mickey Rourke elevate The Wrestler's mostly standard script to incredible heights, making for an impactful and rich sports saga

vieras e (fr) wrote: I expected great things from this movie. After all, it has two of my favourite things in it: Jack the Ripper and Anthony Perkins. But no, this movie is utter nonsense. Alas.