A Price Above Rubies

A Price Above Rubies

About a young woman who is married to a devout Jew and the problems that trouble their marriage because of the woman wanting something more out of her life.

About a young woman who is married to a devout Jew and the problems that trouble their marriage because of the woman wanting something more out of her life . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leigh E (it) wrote: Disappointing sequel :(

Dan M (ca) wrote: A gritty film with a good ending. I may need to watch this again.

Freddy V (de) wrote: TV movie feel. The script, the performances. Took itself seriously but without depth. Like it that it's independent though. Sorry its not good.

Private U (us) wrote: Great, sexy, comedy!

Charlie M (br) wrote: Boy loses father, moves to small town where he's bullied until he finds a friend in an abandoned golden retriever who also knows how to play basketball, what a talented pooch.

Carmen G (nl) wrote: a very nice movie to see with family... its funny and sad with a good ending...

Mickey M (br) wrote: "Friz Ferleng's Looney, Looney, Looney Bugs Bunny Movie" is one of the best movies to waste approximately 90 minutes of your time. It features the amazing voice talent of the late Mel Blanc as a good chunk of the cast. The movie is actually a bunch of classic "Looney Tunes" shorts threaded together with three different plots for three different acts. Before the start of the feature presentation, we are treated with the Acadamy Award-winning "Knighty Knight, Bugs" which features "Bugs Bunny" (voiced by Mel Blanc) as the court jester of the Knights of the Round Table, who is picked to face the devious "Black Knight", played by "Yosemite Sam" (voiced by Blanc) and his dragon. Then we are treated with a small look at the early years of Hollywood in a segment with "Bugs" doing a voice-over, which at one point is hard to hear when his voice-over is placed over a clip from a "Speedy Gonzales" (voiced by Blanc) short. In "Act 1" we see three different "Looney Tunes" shorts featuring "Sam" chasing "Bugs" woven together with segments featuring "Sam" going to Hell, and getting three chances (the three shorts) to send "Bugs" to Hell in his place. In "Act 2," which is titled "The Unmentionables," the three shorts are woven together with a parody of "The Untouchables," with "Bugs" as "Elegant Mess" chasing the dim witted mobsters "Rocky" (voiced by Blanc) and "Mugsy" (voiced by Blanc). One of the shorts features "Sylvester" (voiced by Blanc) and "Tweety Pie" (voiced by Blanc). In the final Act, titled "The Oswald Awards," we see three more classic "Looney Tunes" woven together by a parody of an Oscars ceremony that ends with a battle between "Bugs" and one of his biggest rivals, "Daffy Duck" (voiced by Blanc). The classic animation still holds up quite nicely after 27 years after the release of this movie. The characters move quite nicely, and the mouths move in synch with the voices, unlike the popular Anime that dominates cartoons today. There is comedic violence in this film, but no blood or deaths. And the humor is filled with great puns, jokes and sight gags that will make all ages laugh. Blanc, who dominates the cast of zany characters, is simply wonderful. And thanks to movies like this, his talent will live on entertaining new audiences for years to come. "Looney Tunes" fans will smile when all their favorite characters come on the screen screen, even if they are in a non-speaking cameo. Kids, and kids-at-heart, will also laugh at the same jokes over and over. With Blanc's voice talents, and the fantastic comedy throughout the film, this would be a great addition to your collection.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 (1981) Mephisto (In Hungarian and German with English subtitles) DRAMA Oscar winner of "Best Foreign Language" film based on a novel by Klaus Mann about centering on Klaus Maria Brandauer as Hendrik Hoefgen as a well renown stage actor assuming normacy after the Nazi take over. Although, each of the movies can be watched separately, this is the first of the 'informal trilogy' directed by Istvn Szab- the other two are "Colonel Redl" released in 1985 and then "Hanussen" released in 1988, all starring Klaus Maria Brandauer as the leading star each playing different roles with different stories. Subtle, somewhat metaphorical which can be appreciated if one were to be older and aware about Nazi's history and the impact Nazi Germany has to other countries. 3 out of 4 stars

Beverly R (fr) wrote: Another movie that dealt with an important issue and ahead of it's time.

Van R (ru) wrote: Warner Brothers released this gangster comedy during World War II, but you wouldn't know it was made in 1942 because there are no servicemen in the crowds. Indeed, unlike "All Through the Night," there are no Nazi saboteurs lurking in the wings. As the studio that had the greatest success with mob movies, Warner Brothers was foremost, having released both "The Public Enemy" with James Cagney and "Little Caesar" with Edward G. Robinson in 1931. These qualified as the seminal gang pictures of the sound era. Eventually, Warners would lighten up on mobsters and Robinson wound up making crime comedies such as the incomparable "A Slight Case of Larceny" in 1938 and then later "Brother Orchid" in 1940. Once a tough guy with a smoking gun in his fist, Robinson no longer wielded a firearm when he made director Lloyd Bacon's "Larceny, Inc." Actually, this above-average, entertaining, but largely uneven gangster comedy would inadvertently provide him with another character that he would play over the years as he grew older and more distinguished looking. He was no longer a man with a gun in his hand. Instead, he was the leader of a gang with the guns in their hands. Mind you, in "Larceny, Inc." there are few guns to be seen. Robinson's co-star Anthony Quinn brandishes a pistol on several occasions, but our protagonist has a weapon more dangerous than any gun and it is his gift of gab. Sadly, after a promising start and a build-up in the middle, "Larceny, Inc." nosedives. Jack Carson and Jane Wyman are the romantically paired couple and we never learn what happens to them in the long run. Meanwhile, our heroes narrowly stay out of jail the second time. Broderick Crawford plays the muscle man and he gives the best performance as a numbskull who fractures his language and makes a fool of himself.The source of all comedy is incongruity and "Larceny, Inc." has the incongruity. J. Chalmers 'Pressure' Maxwell (Edward G. Robinson of "The Hatchet Man") is the brains of his outfit. Jug Martin (Broderick Crawford of "Beau Geste") is his muscle. They get out of prison at the outset of the action and 'Pressure' talks the warden out of suit of clothes so he will look good. Pressure plans to rob a bank. He buys a luggage store near the bank and Martin digs a hole in the cellar so that they can break into the bank vault on the other side of the masonry. The humor that grows out of this situation is that Pressure makes a lot of dough selling luggage. In fact, he helps his fellow entrepreneurs who are having trouble with a contractor. The street in front of their respective businesses is being torn up and the contractor is dragging his heels on the project. Pressure steps in and persuades the contractor to complete the project. Presto, the contractor finishes the job and everybody celebrates Pressure's triumph. Meanwhile, Jug has a jack hammer in the basement tearing a huge hole in the floor while Pressure and Weepy Davis (Edward Brophy of "All Through the Night") try to run off customers so they can finish their tunnel to the bank. No longer has Pressure become the toast of the sidewalk than the bank officials pay him a visit and offer to buy his business. At the same time, Jeff Randolph (Jack Carson of "The Male Animal") is a luggage salesman who sells Weepy lots of luggage and he hits it off with Pressure's adopted daughter, Denny Costello (Jane Wyman of "Honeymoon for Three") and they become a couple. Together, Randolph and Costello drum him up more business. Initially, Pressure had planned to rob the bank. Now, he finds that going straight is going to make him more dough than knocking over a bank.This house of cards collapses when the villainous Leo Dexter (Anthony Quinn of "City for Conquest") breaks out of prison after he learns what Pressure is up to and muscles in on their deal. Pressure had been thinking about letting the bank have the property when Leo shows up with a gun. Years earlier, Robinson would have been the man with a pistol in his fist, but he is the mastermind here. Later, he would reprise this role under different names, but he would play the mastermind of a fabulous robbery as in "Seven Thieves" (1960), "Grand Slam" (1967) and "The Biggest Bundle of Them All" (1968). Lloyd Bacon keeps the action humming in this 95-minute, black & white, mob comedy and the performances are first rate.

Waleed A (gb) wrote: great movie with a great story. i really liked the dynamic between the two leads. (about 4 viewings)