A Promise

A Promise

Yoshida returned to feature filmmaking after a hiatus of thirteen years with this brave and moving film about the struggle to maintain dignity in the face of old age and approaching death. A Promise reaffirms Yoshida's ability to deal with difficult and even taboo topics by exploring the question of euthanasia with a profound sensitivity and subtlety.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:123 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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A Promise torrent reviews

J G (gb) wrote: I have no idea why this movie scored so low as this was a very mind twisting story as the film unfolded. A story about two people, internally haunted and agonized by past events, where the one helps another bury her past, as well as her own, with a symbolic action.

Gregory C (mx) wrote: stumbling across "run! bitch run!," i couldn't resist watching it just for the insane title. it's a pretty well executed 70's-style rape/revenge exploitation movie and follows essentially the same kind of story arc as "i spit on your grave," being equally as brutal and with a much higher body count. however, this wasn't nearly as grueling as "i spit on your grave." i actually found this "run! bitch run!" kind of amusing because it's very self-consciously written and had a few funny lines, it's well-paced, and it has an amateurish but kinda cool score. don't get me wrong...this movie is pretty much totally revolting but as far as movies of this genre go, it was pretty good.

Gary (gb) wrote: Great Crime Drama. Tom Selleck gives an amazing performance. I love his 1911 ;)

Griffyn S (mx) wrote: Horrible film!! Forget what I said. The animation was cheap, the designs were garbage and worst of all, they were completely fleshed out!

Anna S (jp) wrote: Great acting by Lange and Ed Harris.

Nicolas C (de) wrote: Exceptional special effects and terrific performances can't make up for the fact that the film is over long and boring, a quality Mr. Jackson has perfected with his subsequent movies

Michael T (gb) wrote: Dustin Hoffman is at the peak of his powers, in Bob Fosse's fragmented biopic. While not perfect, the picture highlights amply, the real and shameful effects of censorship, and the redundancy and idiocy of 'obscene expression'.

Robie S (ru) wrote: Once the interesting mystery is revealed, Edge of Darkness starts teetering on the edge and becomes quite laughable despite Mel Gibson's exceptional performance

Joseph C (es) wrote: I would have made a few cast changes.

Robert G (ag) wrote: Funny enough, with two confident leads that make it appealing enough. I didn't care much for Molly Gunn, but her co-lead, Ray Schleine was entertaining.