A Pure Formality

A Pure Formality

Onoff (Depardieu,) is a famous writer, now a recluse. The Inspector (Polanski,) is suspicious when Onoff is brought into the station one night, disoriented and suffering a kind of amnesia. In an isolated, rural police station, the Inspector tries to establish the events surrounding a killing, to reach a startling resolution.

Onoff is a famous writer who hasn't published any new books for quite some time and has become a recluse. When he is picked up by the police one stormy night, without any identification, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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AlexandPaul P (ag) wrote: Really enjoyed this. Very well acted and filmed. Highly recommend it.

Shelby F (es) wrote: this looks so kool!!!

Clelie R (au) wrote: I liked the acting (Penelope Cruz is stunning) and the aesthetics. Now I can't say the plotline is very original, moreover it's a bit too long.

Erin M (jp) wrote: Ahh, Crichton in Bollywood. I love it and it makes my thesis work.

Arlene M (us) wrote: HATED THIS MOVIE!!So wrongly advertised!!I thought it would be a Rocky kind of film!!Gratuitous heartbreaking sadness! Sadest movie ever. Wanted to walk out but husband wanted to stay. Why is it that if a movie is sooo sad it gets great reviews and ratings!

Joseph H (de) wrote: Russel Crowe lived the part and owned it. Renee Z was , as usual, natural connected to the male dominant in her out/soft spoken respectful reverence....a good wife, beautiful person. Scenes melded into and through one another seamlessly. A captivating drama/action film that is all heart. A+

James F (it) wrote: godzilla never dies! when are they gonna ******* learn?!!? Plus Pok (C)mon rips megaguirus off lessen to reshirams roar

Kyle S (fr) wrote: The plot is weak and underdeveloped. However, this is the most accurate rendition of what really goes on with car salesman and how they manipulate. You should watch this before you buy your next car.

Steve J (br) wrote: Always going to be an acquired taste. It's ridiculously crude and completely mad, but it never fails to get a good few solid laughs out of me. Odd to see Bill Nighy and Simon Pegg crop up in this. The vomiting and beating up an old woman bits are probably the low points, the rest is fairly standard Bottom farce comedy. For fans only.

Ondrej (kr) wrote: Funny and on the mark, yet not superior on even on same level as Mean Girls or Easy A.

Stephen E (it) wrote: "The Onion Field" features a complex narrative and well-developed characters, but ultimately, it never goes anywhere. The scenes that are meant to provoke emotion fall flat, the final twenty minutes or so are unnecessary, and the pacing is slow and unbalanced. James Woods delivers a strong performance, but that's about it. There's nothing noteworthy about this film other than that.

Augusto A (mx) wrote: So my first B&W Melville was his last. I thought I was going to be a little disappointed with this one since it seemed a little bland at the beginning and it takes a while to get going, but once it does, it really turns into a masterful crime thriller. The robbery and the final shootout are two incredible, brilliantly constructed sequences. It's a much more conventional movie when compared to Melville's latter films, but a great one. It's just a lot more dialogue driven and not as stylish as stuff like Le Samourai or Un Flic.

Paul D (ru) wrote: It shows more like a PR exercise than a feature, the tour of Disney through fiction as oppose to documentary is different, but dull.

Jake E (br) wrote: Megatron was injured from the first transformers film but he still killed optimus that's what I really like about this film