A Raisin in the Sun

A Raisin in the Sun

Walter Lee Younger is a young man struggling with his station in life. Sharing a tiny apartment with his wife, son, sister and mother, he seems like an imprisoned man. Until, that is, the family gets an unexpected financial windfall...

A substantial insurance payment could mean either financial salvation or personal ruin for a poor black family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Raisin in the Sun torrent reviews

Quinton A (kr) wrote: This one caught me off guard...hope nobody approaches me talking about too much dust in the air. Thats a red flag! lol!

Grant S (ag) wrote: Pretty feeble attempt. Is a made-for-TV movie, and definitely feels like it.

Scott W (ca) wrote: Moving account of a child abandoned by his parents during the Japanese invasion of China and his subsequent survival in an internment camp until 1945. Christian Bale is excellent as Jim and is well supported by the likes of John Malkovich, Miranda Richardson, Nigel Havers and Leslie Phillips.

Stephen H (nl) wrote: This is a romance like none other. Albert Brooks is a disaster in relationships, but it is still entertaining.

Sunil J (mx) wrote: A sweet romance that's quite entertaining and fun.

Mark H (mx) wrote: not bad, but nothing special or exciting

Ahmed M (fr) wrote: Funny and a good, coming-of-age movie.

Gary B (de) wrote: good concept but they dropped the ball on it.