A Requiem for Mozart

A Requiem for Mozart


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Nishlank J (ca) wrote: A haunting take on unspeakably grim subject matter

Matt C (it) wrote: Watchable enough but it's not a film at all. If you had this as an extended DVD extra on your copy of 'Once' then you'd be impressed at what a good package you'd bought. As a documentary in it's own right it wouldn't even register. If you sat down to watch this film and had no prior knowledge of Glen and Marketa then I imagine you'd be bored beyond belief as on the surface they're both a little whiny and the story such as it is covers them doing a few gigs, going out for a little while then breaking up but staying friends...that's it.

Eliabeth R (kr) wrote: Linda historia italo/francesa de un hombre viudo, profesor, su hermano, su hija y varias locuras que suceden en la trama, se puede ver

Nate T (fr) wrote: Exceptional dramatic political thriller... The Manchurian Candidate of its time. Great performances... On Blu-Ray.

Adam D (fr) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made.

Benjamin S (mx) wrote: Great little documentary about two gay bars in Mississippi, about the repressions against the gay community in the bible belt and about everyday life of gays in the deep south of the US.

Josiah B (nl) wrote: The first half is simply fantastic, and then the cult comes in. Cue the giant slap in the face to a masterful game.

Christopher M (br) wrote: As this being one of the last movies Scott made before his death, I gotta say I loved this movie and every time its on cable, I watch it...R.I.P Mr. Tony Scott

Babette H (fr) wrote: She had MPD and she was stalking herself. There! I just saved you 86 minutes of Banderas' nasty velcro chest hair.

Sylvester K (jp) wrote: One of the few films managed to construct an accurate perception on how schizophreniacs see this world. Winter is a man who recently was removed from psychiatric ward, he went on a quest to find his daughter while dealing with a changed world. It's really powerful yet disturbing. Definite worth watching as it was one of John Waters' favourites.

Giuseppe P (ru) wrote: Non un film sui Sex Pistols, l'aspetto artistico e musicale lasciato abbastanza in disparte, ma sulla malsana storia d'amore tra Sid Vicious e Nancy Spungen, segnato dagli eccessi e dalla droga che hanno finito per annientare entrambi. Attori protagonisti perfettamente in parte e visivamente interessante. Una proposta pazza: mi sarebbe piaciuto vederlo girato da Ingmar Bergman.

Sam B (fr) wrote: Based on actual events, the engrossing subject matter is brought to life by excellent performances (especially the animated and impassioned Depardieu) and fine direction. Rarely have I encountered such uncertainty in a story regarding which character has the higher moral ground. Arnaud's fatal faux pas in the final court scene was particularly memorable.

Peppino G (de) wrote: ...mi spiace: io so' io, e voi non siete un cazzo.

christine s (au) wrote: Fun movie. Soundtrack is hilarious, too.

Joel R (ca) wrote: Although one of the cheesiest, hammiest, most predictable movies ever, the viewer is pleasantly surprised at the enjoyment you can get from this film. Knotts and Conway in their last pairing, deliver a absolutely wonderful movie that will not disappoint. Embrace your inner dork, and you will find this movie classic. If you have actually stumbled onto this review then you are suited for this movie.

Garrett C (gb) wrote: Great movie and upset about the ending

John S (mx) wrote: Fairly entertaining Movie! My rating = 75%. Critic's rating = 53% too low! M Streep is OK! Uma Thurman is wonderful! ENJOY!

Brett H (gb) wrote: WOW this is shit. The night-vision sequence towards the end is so dark and out of focus you can't even tell what the hell is happening

Nick H (ag) wrote: this the great awfully good movie, is awfully but somehow managed to be a great movie. not many things can pull off such a feat.