A Royal Scandal

A Royal Scandal

Catherine the Great falls in love with an army officer who is plotting against her.

In 19th century Russia,the idealistic officer Chernov is appointed chief of the Imperial Guard by the Empress Catherine the Great and navigates between the diplomacy of Grand Chancellor Nicolai Liyitch and the plots of the generals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John D (fr) wrote: Cate Blanchette at her best.

Tony L (ag) wrote: Controversial, and VERY thought provoking on your place in humanity and social, political, and religious history.

Daniel K (de) wrote: This looks great on Blu-Ray. It's not as spectacular as something like Planet Earth, but it's pretty beautiful. It is fun to be able to point out places one has slept on High-Def as well. The Grand Canyon is amazing and yet terribly flawed. I love drinking in the cool fresh-seeming water straight out of the river, which of course is entirely due to the horrific Glen Canyon dam. I've spent many an hour hitchhiking from within the frame from this landmark of human overreaching. The only people that wanted to give me a ride back to my vehicle were Utah locals of course. The Canyon looks wonderful throughout. The story/narrative is decent. Redford's voice is indelible, but it seems to be used sparingly after the introduction. The structure of the film is perhaps a bit lacking as the first act regarding water is not ultimately tied directly to the focus of the picture too well. This might just be me analyzing the picture from a perhaps too scientific perspective (I did write a 20 page paper on the alien invader Tamarisk, twice). I've also spent many an hour fighting my way through many a tamarisk thicket from mid-Utah to northern-Arizona. It is a mighty invasive species. I wish the picture were much better, but it has set enough time aside for both scientific argument and scientific wonderment to be worthwhile to all but the most ridiculous individuals.

jwasu r (br) wrote: Why people keep shitting on this movie is beyond me. The ending was true to the tone of the film. Fine acting, a beautiful score, and some dynamite pool shark moments. This film overachieves.

Don D (es) wrote: I think this one was banned in America.

Lisa K (us) wrote: "Independent" film at its finest! Naomi Watts carries the whole film with her dynamic portrayal of Ellie Parker- a struggling actor whose life is in complete disarray. She captures the chaos quite well:)

Deepesh C (mx) wrote: And they are all dead! I just saved you 2 boring hours!

Jocelyn B (ag) wrote: Some negative reviews focus on the pain and frustration Mr. Gilliam experiences as the film falls apart; they somehow seem to miss the many moments of child-like glee he experiences during the process as well.

Jessica H (de) wrote: Nothing new, same trouble, followed by guns, drugs, and a young man trying to do right.

Scott R (br) wrote: Classic Vietnam movie but very sad. James Cann is real good and so is James Earl Jones.

Brad W (us) wrote: Better than your average 'Hallmark' presentation.

Charles M (de) wrote: Not one of Disneys proudest moments or the greatest movie in the world...but one of my personal favorites

Christopher S (br) wrote: Entertaining Neil Simon adaptation offers some nice smart, funny, and heartfelt moments. Some storylines are more effective than others, but it works in a large part to the excellent cast, with Maggie Smith and Jane Fonda as dramatic standouts, and some solid laughs from the always fun Walter Matthau.

Marcus W (nl) wrote: Gave up half way through, definitely not one of Fassbinder's best works.

Shawn W (de) wrote: When the justice system is corrupt and completely fails to protect people against violent crime, it is time for citizens to balance the books. My favourite Fred Williamson role. I have seen it three times now and it has gotten better each time.