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A.S.S. torrent reviews

Nee F (ca) wrote: Loved it!!!!!!! ????? ?? (?)

Roger M (fr) wrote: Strange, indeed, but nonetheless compelling -- and a genuine tour-de-force for an actor who is too often overlooked and under-appreciated. Goldblum does Oscar caliber work here, and fans of great acting should not miss this challenging, devastating work. Watch it with an open mind and you will be rewarded with a unique cinematic experience.

Kristin R (jp) wrote: Poor poor graphics for the animated sections really let this film down. Otherwise, it is a good one to keep the kids amused but not really anyone else. It was a struggle to stay interested and the ending was just way too corny to accept. Overall, if you're above the age of 10, don't bother with this film.

Brandon S (ag) wrote: Very poorly made horror comedy film that does not fulfill any hopes of terror or humor, stars Ron Jeremy as the psycho totally unscary killer, stick to porn Ron.

Marianela A (us) wrote: ?e. Est ok. Solo ok.kkkk

Callum B (us) wrote: quite weird but allright.

Chris G (kr) wrote: In the early 1980's high schools in the United States had a reputation of being filthy, violent places that were overrun by gangs of rebellious students that can't be expelled for one reason or another (why these hardened criminals would want to hang out a high school all day is beyond me). Films such as Teachers, 3 O'Clock High, and others regurgitated that idea throughout the early part of the decade. Class of 1984 is another member of that genre. The formula follows and idealistic teacher (Perry King) that represents a young go getter, ready to change the world by teaching. You need a leader of the thugs (Timothy Van Patten) who gets into a conflict with the idealistic teacher and drags that person down to his level in the end. The idealistic teacher has to have a spouse (Merrie Lynn Ross) that is semi oblivious until the danger appears at the front doorstep. Finally, you must have the older, fed up teacher (Roddy McDowell) that serves as a mentor to the young, idealistic teacher, but will probably end up a sacrifice to fuel the revenge fire. Class of 1984 is an average film from this genre. Very predictable if you've seen any film like this from the 1980's. The only standout in the film is the performance by Roddy McDowell, who pushes his character beyond its generic function. Otherwise, the film doesn't really stand out from any high school centered version of Death Wish. Class of 1984 serves its purpose more as a time capsule of the era than delivering anything new. This is a totally forgettable film.

Paolo S (kr) wrote: Capolavoro assoluto a livello MONDIALE

James Z (de) wrote: The Final Frontier is scorned by many for being the weakest of all the feature films. A movie posing theological questions such as the existances of God to the audience, was never going to end well. How do you conclude such a movie? I can only imagine that at the time in the late 80's, it seemed like an amazing idea on paper. With guild strikes, budget cuts and no ILM, the producers of ST:V had their work cut out for them. There are plenty of moments when this movie touches on the original series, such as Kirk longing for his old chair, the camp fire scene for me was a touching moment, with three actors who know each other well and play the part of old friends with a genuine warm familarity. Lawrence Luckinbill was well cast and makes the part of his own, his character while playing the part of the protagonist Sybok, is still warm and likable. All the old cast are back in this movie, I was also glad to see Shatner made use of them, giving them more lines then "now in standard orbit" or "Hailing frequencies open.". I keep trying to put my finger on why I'm not one of those fans who hates this film and the only thing i can come up with is the acting of the original cast, who seemed more like their former TV 60's selves. The Bones and Spock banter is there, Kirks fighting aliens and Scottys fixing the enterprise. I dont know if this has anything to do with Shatner directing, but it's for this sole reason the movie scores more then a one for me. Plus Jerry Goldsmith is on top form with his score, the sound track is back to what fans know and love and not the disaster which is ST: IV. If the story had been worked on more and the budget not so tight, perhaps things might have turned out differently. I've seen worse movies and i've also seen much better one's as well. Star Trek The Final Frontier is one of those movies you will like for it's few good moments or you'll simply not want to see it again.

John B (de) wrote: Incredible film, and I'm not really sure why. It shouldn't be gripping or narrative, but it is. Valhalla Rising is epic, allegorical, and visually stunning; violent, raw and contemplative.A producer, Karen Smyth: "nature is brutal, men are brutal, and religion is brutal." And, apparently, shooting was brutal. The movie seem hardly shot at all, and yet it's all on film. The rain comes and goes. The mud is thick and everywhere. Fog offers drama and concealment. Valhalla Rising is about man finding his darkest places while following his instinct.

James m (nl) wrote: It's a pretty good little Movie. It's has a great script with provoking and somewhat sinister Characters . Watching those kids handle guns that way made me cringe ...lol . It Might fall a bit short at the end. But I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it. The old Baconator is solid as always.

Claudette A (de) wrote: It was interesting but I could have watch this on the discovery channel. The 3D version would have been better!