A Safe Place

A Safe Place

A young woman named Noah lives alone in New York. She is a disturbed flower child, who retreats into her past, yearning for lost innocence. She recalls her childhood, searching for a "safe place." As a child she met a magician in Central Park who presented her with magical objects: a levitating silver ball, a star ring, and a Noah's ark. She is romantically involved with two totally different men. Fred is practical but dull. Mitch is dynamic and sexy, her ideal fantasy partner. Neither man is able to totally fulfill her needs.

A strange young woman lives in a fantasy world where she can never grow up. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deb S (ag) wrote: I feel tortured already! Looks extremely gory uhhhhhh!

Adam d (ag) wrote: I would give this 4.5 if the director hadn't tried to be "clever" with the ending....really sad as up until that moment ( I won't spoil it) it was a fantastic film. It didn't need a twist whatsoever and in fact, almost ruined the film by trying to put it in there. Re release it without the twist as a directors cut and all shall be forgiven. Nice first effort though...

Buggy B (nl) wrote: Conspiracy Theory is a fairly good movie, it's entertaining but it did tend to drag for me in parts and felt inconsistent as a whole. Mel Gibson's performance waffles between brilliance and just plain OTT and I had a hard time believing any part of the romancy thing going on between him and Julia Roberts as he was just a little too certifiable for anyone to fall for. And while the whole conspiracy/Manchurian Candidate aspect was super interesting there were sections explaining this storyline that just went on too long and ended up being really boring. 08.13(2)"In this taut thriller a paranoid cab driver (Mel Gibson) stumbles onto a conspiracy worthy of the justice departments attention. Julia Roberts plays a government attorney who gets embroiled in a deadly race to find the truth."

Ida K (fr) wrote: Pretty bad, even for a Pauley Shore movie.

Morgan S (gb) wrote: A nother great movie. This is more of a documentrey on a certin date in time about arranged marrages. This movie has subtitles so if you dont like subtitles dont watch it.

Jeff B (it) wrote: What I once thought was a decent thriller is just a typically maudlin Julia Roberts' drama with zero likeable characters.

Kyle B (nl) wrote: Great performances from all but it got a little thin taking place in only one or so rooms.

Heidi K (nl) wrote: I had to watch this for Philosophy class. It definitely opens your eyes and makes you think. Good movie.

Nathan D (it) wrote: This movie is downright bizarre. Basically, the premise is that there's a father who's kind of stern and distant with his kids, and in order to connect with them a little more, he uses ventriloquism to make his medical dummy speak to them. The dummy's name is Pin, which is short for Pinocchio. While the daughter grows up relatively normally, the son develops a complex and thinks the dummy is a real person. After their parents die, he brings Pin to live in the house with him and his sister, and starts using the dummy's personality to commit atrocities. It's a really messed-up movie that I don't think I ever would have heard of if not for my wife.

Alex A (nl) wrote: didn't he cut off his ear????

Bobby D (gb) wrote: Very well done but a dreary storyline ( and a billion dollars later) the last few of these films feel like one continuous mini-series.

Jack G (fr) wrote: One of Corman's best - it's actually very stylish (not Bava level but close), he really knows how to use the camera to get some atmosphere going just in some of the outdoor scenes, and he somehow gets a cat to be scary - maybe the last time? A script by Robert Towne probably went a long way, but Price is very good here too (isn't he always?) and he has a few really awesome scenes with Elizabeth Shepherd, chiefly one where he hypnotizes her and the spirit of his dead love comes back into her in a flash. Almost on par with Masque of the Red Death, which is still the best of the Poe movies, but this has a lot going for it.

Alli T (fr) wrote: Townie space nightmare. With a lot of Dane Cook.

Elgan D (jp) wrote: A brisk and creepy pre-Romero undead film filled with iconic ritualistic imagery, especially the imposing Carrefour.