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A sangre fria torrent reviews

Brandon H (it) wrote: a movie that tried following in the Bourne series' footsteps, but failed miserably. Not a great flick, but not overly horrible either.

bill b (au) wrote: cleverrrrrr dogma 95 if u like cdontroversial films this is one

Justin C (ag) wrote: Calling this movie mediocre would be generous, calling it a comedy it a comedy would be inaccurate.

Tyler W (br) wrote: Funny every now and then but always entertaining

Mina E (ca) wrote: A movie of really low budget, yet one of the most shocking and disturbing I 've ever seen. Stowe and Rickman are at their best. It's not suitable for anyone to see. Excellent.

Greg S (ca) wrote: A British gangster goes on the lam and ends up hiding out with a hermit pop star (Mick Jagger) and his two girlfriends. There's a tremendous psychedelic scene, but it's pretty trippy even before Anita Eckberg sneaks amanita mushrooms into James Fox's salad; a confusing movie and not a great or profound one, but the 60s spirit of experimentation is even more intoxicating than the visuals.

Michael B (ag) wrote: A better then average japanese sf movie. As noted, they used many American actors and filmed it all in English. Story is a bit more inventive then you would expect, and the ending is a little strange. While most of the special effects are what you expect from japanese films of the time, the 'giant monster' outfits were a bit of letdown.

Des B (br) wrote: Good private eye movie - cynical, funny, complicated plot

Shaun B (au) wrote: Mario Bava is an Italian maestro of the giallo (Italian mystery thriller) especially those with low budgets. Many themes prominent of the genre are present here but Bava manages to direct this Gothic horror with such beauty and excellence that despite it's many flaws (which includes the acting and overdubbing) is a winner of the genre. Not for everyone unless you're an insomniac and nothing else is on or you really dig mystery thrillers.

Tiffany D (ca) wrote: A fabulous silent gem from Sweden, The Phantom Carriage has a powerful message (a la A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life). While the cast performs well, it is the filmwork itself that is the star. It's shot in gorgeous sepia tones, with lighting changes of warm amber to represent inside scenes illuminated by glowing fires and burning candles to white-blue for the cold outdoors. The double-exposure and superimposition were brilliantly utilized to represent the ghostly spirits and the carriage - effective even a century later, despite all of our CGI modern capabilities. My only complaint: at times the pacing felt slow and I found my attention wandering; however, the fault of this probably lies more with my own self and the reality of our fast-paced modern stimulation. The film is still fantastic - and I even found myself telling others about it the day after I viewed it. --definitely worth the investment of time to take it in - thanks TCM for sharing this one! 4 1/2 stars

Jose Luis M (us) wrote: Un tema muy espinoso tratado de manera sobria , pero que al final uno queda con el sabor de que fue una simple ancdota alargada , tal vez por que haya estado basada en una obra teatral. Unas actuaciones impecables de Streep , Seymour y Adams.

Don S (ca) wrote: A strange film. Slightly creepy, part supernatural, all done with pan flute music in the background. The question for me remains, what did in fact happen at Hanging Rock?