A Secret Promise

A Secret Promise

Ferro Olivetti, a billionaire playboy and businessman, promises to fulfill his dying father's final request: to live one month without his wealth.

Wealthy and successful businessman Ferro Olivetti (Victor Alfieri) enjoys the privileges and perks of his social stature, but on his father's deathbed he promises to obey "his father's will... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt R (ca) wrote: Very effective. Nice entry to the Ghost genre.

Camille L (gb) wrote: Deux films en un : un retour sur la carriere de Snoop vraiment passionnant, avec Mr. Broadus qui se livre sur son oeuvre et un film de vacances ininteressant au possible qui n'apprend rien au spectateur sur le rastafarisme et sur la Jamaique. Vraiment dommage car Andy Capper et son monteur semblent avoir du talent. Un essai loupe.

Jamie C (au) wrote: Good film scary in parts but it's the same as the previous 2 the odd thing happens in the first hour then everything happens at once at the end, And again it's a prequel but even further back in time, On the whole a pretty good horror film.

Nathaniel W (kr) wrote: great film! loved it btw got a 2.1 in my degree

Keenan S (gb) wrote: C Me Dance is a religious film that inadvertantly ends up insulting Christians and becomes creepy and sinister in its messages. The film seems to believe that anyone that doesn't blindly believe in Christianity is wrong and need to be converted against their will, which the main character is more than delighted to do to anyone she pleases. This film perverts the religion it pretends to follow in the worst possible ways. On top of being a horrific and downright scary propaganda film, it's also just a shitty film by itself since the story is garbage, the acting is horrible, the dialogue is even worse than the acting, the religious messages that are flaunted are disgusting and vile, the music is crap, and it's also horribly boring despite being less than an hour-and-a-half. I'm not even particularly religious and I still found this film to be insulting and moronic. This film doesn't work on any level and the only redeemable moments are some unintentionally funny moments, which don't happen often enough. Unless you enjoy feeling insulted repeatedly and also enjoy being bored consistently, do not see this film. No self-respecting Christian would ever give this piece of shit a pass. Honestly, fuck you, C Me Dance and fuck you hard. Oh well, it's just another bad religious film I guess. Not much new there.

Steve C (de) wrote: Coming of age story by Mike White. It's not his best work by quite a margin but has some amusing moments performed my Jack Black, and a few masterful old timers including, John Lithgow, Catherine O'Hara, Lily Tomlin, and Harold Ramis.Not very demanding in it's brief running time, but not enough Jane Adams.

Ts Yeung Yvonne P (it) wrote: A good study of human relations and drugs, but I am sad to see another depressing lesbian centred film. The photography in the film are very well done, capturing the moment of easiness or uneasiness. I like it, but I felt very sad afterward. However, it's not one of those overacting tearjerkers, everything in from the observation of the characters.

Elena B (de) wrote: Following the documentary, the concert in Budapest was very good graphics. It felt like being there with the surround sound! Next best thing to time travel. *LOVE* QUEEN!!!

Frances Ann A (de) wrote: Defense of the Realm is a difficult movie to follow, especially for the first 20 minutes or so. There is so much background noise which makes it difficult to hear the leading characters, and at the beginning, you don't really who which characters are important either. Adding to the incomprehensibility is the mumbling diction of Denholm Elliott and Bill Forsyth. Eventually, I became very intrigued by the plot's suspense.The movie shows a newspaper reporter played by Gabriel Byrne who picks up the trail of a cover-up plot, but by whom and what it is that is being covered up remain fuzzy. He is interrogated by some sort of "spooks" at MI-something or other with no legal rights whatsoever. Unfortunately, all this big suspense leads up to an insufficient event to warrant this much covering-up. We are really never told exactly what it is that happened, just given innuendos to make us think this is a really BIG deal! The ending is completely unsatisfying. There is no depth of characterization, just a lot of suspicion, of the sort designed to make the public distrustful of their government officials. The whole thing seemed like a paranoid piece of fluff, despite the presence of so many excellent British actors/actresses.

Dan J (mx) wrote: Linney and Hoffman warrant a rental.

Kase V (mx) wrote: 'Live and Let Die' does not provide much value other than showcasing Moore as his first outing as Bond, all devilish winks and suave tongue-in-cheek as he tries to take down a heroin plant in New Orleans.