A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark is the second and more successful film from the Pink Panther film series where both animated and real life sequences are mixed. A cult classic from Blake Edwards based on the play L’Idiot by Marcel Achard and Harry Kurnitz.

The murdered corpse of millionaire Benjamin Ballon's driver is found at his chateau. French police Inspector Jacques Clouseau is sent to investigate the case but things go awry when he is attracted to the suspect. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Shot in the Dark torrent reviews

April W (nl) wrote: Great flic very graphic but worth every second!

Krista B (au) wrote: A pretty poor attempt at psychological horror. Although it's clear Dark Reprieve tries hard, it wants very much to be smarter and grittier than it is. The result is a film that's nearly unwatchable it makes so little sense, and contains such unlikable, self-contradicting characters. The "twist" ending is completely absurd, even by crazy twist ending standards. Avoid this one, it's not worth the effort it takes to keep it straight.

Price P (jp) wrote: As this movie learned from the first film, the animation is much better, but that doesn't excuse the terrible writing, waist of a great cast, and the charm that the original captured so well

Nonya B (gb) wrote: similar to the movie "Death Race"

Mike N (au) wrote: a really good idea and i liked some scenes a lot, but as a whole i did not like it too much...

Bradley P (es) wrote: Monsoon Wedding is a very cultural film that somehow manages to not be completely mono-tone and boring. It highlights the differences between hollywood and bollywood creating a fun and enlightening experience.

Kelly D (br) wrote: One of THE best movies I've ever seen. If you're in the medical field, as I am, and you've done some, well, impressive drugs, so to speak, then you can truly appreciate this movie. If not, well, don't watch it. You won't understand it.

Matthew J (au) wrote: With a brilliant powerhouse performance by Bob Hoskins, haunting music by Francis Monkman and a fantastic dark atmosphere you can't really go wrong can you ?

Lovro H (ca) wrote: Wow. This movie has the privilege of being my 500th movie review on Rotten Tomatoes! Time sure does fly! But, let's talk about the movie! So, Jacob's Ladder is about a man called Jacob Singer who was in Vietnam and after experience some horrifying events he is sent back home, only to discover his fears have followed him. He constantly has these flashbacks to the day when he got injured and he has this theory that they've done something to him and his team in the army. Some sort of an experiment. I will not spoil anything about the ending or the main plot points, but let's just say that there's a plot twist that's been done many times, but here it's handled much better. The main character is a very interesting one. As are the supporting ones, though I felt that the whole drama over his kid who died was a bit unnecessary. It felt sappy and over dramatised. The acting in the movie is great and Tim Robbins delivers a brilliant performance! His character experiences many halucinations throughout the movie and Tim Robbins makes it look like he was actually experiencing them in real life. The directing and cinematography was excellent! There are many surreal scenes that just don't let you look away from the scene because you're too afraid you might miss something disturbing and freaky. The ending I found quite interesting, though sappy. I didn't really expect that kind of ending. All in all, a great movie with an intriguing story and characters, great cinematography, but perhaps a bit overly emotional/sappy ending that makes you seem like you were watching a different kind of a movie.

Paul G (au) wrote: I would love to see such an old classic!