A Simple Twist of Fate

A Simple Twist of Fate

When Michael McCann is thrown over by the woman he loves, he becomes something of a misanthrope and a miser, spending all of his spare money on collectible gold coins. Living in the same town is an affluent family with two sons: John and Tanny. Tanny's a wild boy, whom John cannot control, and one night he breaks into McCann's house, and steals the gold and disappears, which nearly confirms McCann's distrust of mankind. But then, a mysterious young woman dies in the snow outside McCann's house, and her small daughter makes her way to McCann's house and into McCann's life and heart. He names her Matilda, and raises her, finding companionship and a new joy in life with his adopted daughter. But the secret of Matilda's birth may tear them apart.

Michael McCann left his wife while she was pregnant by another man. And on a destiny day, his life changes forever when an orphaned baby whose real father is the wealthy, politically ambitious John Newland and mother is a drug addict, is abandoned at his doorstep. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ariel H (fr) wrote: I can't lie Jennifer Hudson ruined this film. She just grates my nerves like nails on a chalkboard.

Jenny C (au) wrote: I don't know anything about Devdas so can't speak to that but the movie was generally about getting drunk and specifically on vodka. I think Smirnoff sponsored the movie or something. Besides that, maybe I'm not accustomed to the culture but the timelines are pretty ridiculous - from like bumping into someone to marriage is like 2 days? Oh and apparently you can slap someone around a lot too and love them forever. The director's portrayal of "what's cool" (i.e. listening to music, smoking your own rolled cigarettes, wearing sunglasses at night and chewing gum non-stop) is pretty hilarious. The more I think about this moive the more that's wrong with it.

Scott F (it) wrote: Picked it up because of the cast and was very pleasantly surprised. Brandon Routh has great comic timing and he's already my hero for being Superman, here's hoping he has a long career ahead of him!

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Kurt R (br) wrote: This film had potential, and great production value, but is an utter train wreck. Unlikeable characters and an incoherent plot make this not worth your time. It tries to be too many films in one, thriller, who-did it mystery, slasher, etc. I'll give it credit for interesting opening credits. Another weak offering in the Ghosthouse Underground line.

Jennifer M (gb) wrote: Great film! Purifying your soul when you realise you are David just surrounded by different people. don't believe what critics say!


Art S (br) wrote: Beautiful people in beautiful locations - but is it Antonioni? Well, of course, it is - this is the great director's final feature done in partnership with Wim Wenders (in order to secure insurance coverage following his 1985 stroke). But does it connect with Antonioni's other films? Mysteriously, it does - although this only becomes apparent as the film slowly unwinds through its four incomplete anecdotes, charting relationships between men and women (often in a soft-core state of undress) who invariably do not connect. Or do they? Except for the Peter Weller adultery sequence (where both Fanny Ardant and Chiara Caselli appear distraught), the characters seem nonplussed as their interactions go nowhere. John Malkovich floats above it all, quoting from Antonioni's book (as his stand in), holding the stories together, peering into windows, and engaging with Sophie Marceau. None of this is particularly satisfying on its own but Antonioni's eye for the image and a melancholy romantic soundtrack slowly work some magic, elevating the film above others of its type but nowhere near the masterworks of the director's richest period ('50s through '70s).

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Stuart K (ru) wrote: Directed by John Ford, who made such great westerns like Stagecoach (1939), 3 Godfathers (1948), She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949) and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962). This western is a telling of the story of Wyatt Earp and the infamous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It's got some lovely cinematography and it's a great version of that true story, done with heart and a good sense of panache. In 1881, the Earp brothers Wyatt (Henry Fonda), Morgan (Ward Bond), Virgil (Tim Holt) and James (Don Garner), coming to the town of Tombstone, Arizona, which is lawless, and deaths are frequent. Wyatt is the only man who is determined to take on the lawless men who give Tombstone a bad name. But when James is killed while protecting cattle, enough is enough, and Wyatt takes on the job of Town Marshal, and along with Doc Holliday (Victor Mature), intend to bring law to the town. Meanwhile, Clementine Carter (Cathy Downs) comes into Tombstone from Boston, and she's staying in the same hotel as Wyatt and Doc. Which causes a love triangle. It's a classic old western, made with love and attention, but Ford's original cut was brutally re-cut by Fox chief Darryl F. Zanuck, to tighten up the pacing and move the story along, however, Ford's version has been mostly restored. It's blessed with a good cast, good dialogue and some lovely location cinematography.

Ed C (gb) wrote: Not as bad as its title, in fact it's quite entertaining, and fun to watch once you get past the fact that it's ripping off a lot other sci-fi movies including Star Wars. It's a very, very poorly made film, but that's part of its charm.

Erica E (kr) wrote: This is the Atonement for WWI. Raw and genuine emotions push the story forward, and the theme of lost youth, though tragic, builds beautifully to culminate in the perfectly crafted final scene.