A Single Man

A Single Man

Adapted from a 1964 novel of the same name, the film follows a day in the life of George Falconer, a British college professor reeling with the recent and sudden loss of his longtime partner. This traumatic event makes George challenge his own will to live as he seeks the console of close friend Charley who is struggling with her own questions about life.

Adapted from a novel of the same name, the film is a psychological movie about a gay man. He decided to live a celibate life, enjoys his life lonely when his mistress lost. Let's come to the film to enjoy moving moments . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt B (de) wrote: Really cool that it is all done in one shot, but the story got a little weird for me.

Sylvia L (br) wrote: There have been many moving anti-war movies that have come out since the US invaded Iraq over bullshit, but Tomas Young's story really hits you on a personal level that really drives home the deeper implications of our government's betrayal of the American people -- a betrayal that shows itself in butchering the constitution and failing to take care of its own people. Especially touching is the story of Tomas Young himself, physically incapacitated at such a young age. The intimacy of detail about Young's disability that he is willing to reveal and that is told so well in the film really puts all the issues on such a human-scale: if it's hard for us to conceive of the effect of war on thousands of Iraqis and Americans killed, we can imagine, at least, the devastation it has had on one young man's life, from the daily difficulties of getting out of bed, to his dependence on ice packs to regulate his body temperature, to the cache of meds he has to take on a daily basis, to the difficulty of urinating, to the effects on his sex life and marriage. Young is sharp, articulate, and courageous in allowing us audience into his life after such devastation, and it is clearly this kind of courage, not the false courage of the myth of the Iraqi war hero, that this country needs right now.

Kyle E (ca) wrote: I Loved This Film With Robert Englund It Was So Frickin' Funny?

Giorgos T (es) wrote: A good movie, made better by the peformances and greater by the direction and plot.

Vronique B (fr) wrote: Mme s'il s'agit probablement d'une version romance, la peinture de l'poque est trs intressante, et les interprtations de Colin Firth et de Scarlett Johansson sont excellentes !

Simon G (de) wrote: An 'Eagle Eye' Wannabe

Calvin R (de) wrote: Josie and the pussycat is a rip off to the spice girl movie. However, it was fun, predictable, and somewhat entertaining.

Mike W (gb) wrote: So happy they made this film because it shows the end of the Curse of the Bambino!

John M (au) wrote: The basis for Terry Gilliam's "12 Monkeys." For the simplicity, "La Jetee" has so much more to think about. Also, it's one of the first films to deal with time travel on a different level and incorporate dreams and memories.

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