A Slight Case of Murder

A Slight Case of Murder

Remy Marco, Prohibition beer baron, figures he'll do even better after repeal. Only trouble is, his beer tastes terrible. (He drinks no beer himself and nobody dares tell him). Four years later, when he's about bankrupt, he visits his summer home in Saratoga, complete with: 1) a dead-end-kid orphan; 2) his daughter's fiance...a state trooper!, 3) the bodies of four gangsters who planned to ambush Remy but had a shootout; 4) half a million in loot they hid in the house...just the amount Remy needs to get out of hock. The comic confusion mounts.

Former bootlegger Remy Marco has a slight problem with forclosing bankers, a prospective son-in-law, and four hard-to-explain corpses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Slight Case of Murder torrent reviews

Matt C (mx) wrote: Here's a movie that I went into knowing virtually nothing about it other than an extremely loose synopsis and some of its actors. Joshy premiered at Sundance this year and I seemed to here nothing about it, similar to Jeff Baena's only previous film, Life After Beth, which was pretty good if undeniably flawed. At first glance, Joshy is a bit of a hodgepodge of comedy and drama, and it's rather difficult to fully get into at first. It often gets too caught up in the obnoxiousness of its characters to little effect, but it's still sweet at its core. It's a very loose plot and pretty firmly situated within the mumblecore genre, but the movie concerns Josh (Thomas Middleditch), who hosts a "bachelor party" to reunite with friends in an attempt to cope with his girlfriend's (Alison Brie) sudden suicide. It's a pretty aimless movie, but it's meant to be, and that isn't an issue. As they hang out in a house in Ojai, the movie tends to center around the way that these characters ignore grief and the ways of growing up by indulging in what is typically brash and hedonistic activities. Even though a lot of the movie is its characters smoking pot, drinking excessively, being stupid, and occasionally doing cocaine, there is a sense of sadness that underlies the movie, successfully highlighted by the awkward (and maybe asexual?) Adam (Alex Ross Perry), as well as the indifference expressed by the titular character. The movie is pretty funny with a few belly laughs, but the emotion the sneaks up on you come act three is surprising in how effect and candid it gets. While the movie is bolstered by its performances, including those of Jenny Slate and a bit role from Aubrey Plaza, the movie undeniably messy. In fact, the first fifteen minutes or so are odd to an almost concerning degree. The suicide that the main character stumbles upon that opens the film is so sudden that it almost plays like a joke, setting the tone for... what, exactly? It cuts to four months later, and the timing just feels odd. Soon enough, this is covered up by the actors and back-and-forth dialogue, but another sporadic issue appears: the comedic portrayal of the characters. Josh's friend Eric (Nick Kroll) is unabashedly annoying, and sometimes that's clearly the point. The director is with the main character on how excessive he is. But a lot of times, it feels like we're meant to be laughing with him, even though there are scenes where he's grating. Luckily, the characters' interactions and the actors' delivery--namely that of Perry and Slate--cover up Baena's flaws as a director just enough. It would appear that he's better suited for either comedy or drama, as those elements work well on their own, but the juggling act almost undermines the movie at times. But when the final ten minutes appear and the characters' true colors start to shine, that's when Joshy really confirms the strengths that it does have. 6.7/10, decent, one thumb (barely) up, (barely) above average, etc.

Alexis L (nl) wrote: Horrible. Superfluous modern day storyline. Poor English makes acting distracting. Actresses too old to play teenagers. Melodramatic.

Ramesh M (es) wrote: I never though Sonam could make anything worse than Sawariyaa and, eh well then this came along

Angie W (ru) wrote: I also have to read the book first before the movie!!

Corey C (ca) wrote: A very enjoyable historical romance, with a good performance from Guy Pearce (how often do we get to say that these days?). I had been told to expect something boring and lifeless, but this certainly was none of those things. A fine film, and a pleasure to watch; you're not going to get a masterpiece here, but if you enjoy this sort of thing, it's quite nice.

Tom H (nl) wrote: Ahh, the girls always come back to the geeks :) Lazy Saturday afternoon movie - great for film buffs - but contains some adult scenes I'd prob not recommend for children.

Elma M (it) wrote: Jeong-won is a man with no memory of his childhood and his real family. At the beginning of the film he witnesses the deaths of two young girls. He begins seeing the girls dead bodies sitting at his kitchen table.~~~~~~~~~~~~Not a horror but a mystery/drama film about a disturbed woman that will leave you thinking...

Jeremy Y (br) wrote: poster is awful. movie is interesting.

Claire T (de) wrote: it was crap I do not want to see it again, i just thought the film very stupid and a bit far fetched and I will not want to see it again, I hated it I thought it would be better than this, do not want on DVD

Iris S (br) wrote: Half a star it did not deserve. That rating is reserved for things likeEpic Movie.Still, it has no real plot. The characters are wooden and the acting is just average, despite the promising cast. So boring you won't notice time go by. And if you did you'd wish it would go faster. So if you like it, great for you. I dunno how.

WS W (br) wrote: I remember I felt it was kinda funny when watching it in the 90s. It certainly not delicate enough for today's standard; and too long as well. One thing I still feel the same is fortunately there was Rosie O' Donnell being the buffoon inside.

Lane W (fr) wrote: Definitely a B film. Bette Davis is fantastic, though, and the twists and turns keep the dreadfully slow pace moving as little as it does. The ending is entirely too rushed after such a drawn out film, and Andre Previn's score is absurdly annoying.

Samantha B (ru) wrote: This movie was so incredibly slow that I am actually resentful for having watched 1 hour of it. After 1 hour I went online to see what the ending is (I couldn't bear to sit through till the end). From what I am reading the ending doesn't help things at all. I felt nothing for these characters; I was never drawn into the story; I was bored and annoyed.

Darlene H (au) wrote: Really good starter of the series, has a lot of surprises that you would never see coming.

Eric H (es) wrote: This movie is great. Although the acting is retchid, and the film itself is a bit corny, you have to love it. Through all the flaws of this flick you will still find yourself enjoying this movie and waiting to see what happens next.