A Smile Like Yours

A Smile Like Yours

A comedy about a couple who cannot conceive a baby

Greg Kinnear plays a carriage-shy husband in a romantic comedy about a couple trying to conceive a child. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Weeteck Y (us) wrote: not really pleasurable

Scott B (ag) wrote: Want to know why we're in the budget mess that we're currently in?

Pamela D (jp) wrote: A moralistic, unlikely ending spoils this otherwise touching story, which features a non-pornographic lezzie love scene so hot that I my allegedly "straight" girlfriends admitted being turned-on.SPOILER---SPOILER---SPOILER---SPOILER:Loving Annabelle is the third remake of Mdchen in Uniformwas (1933), and as is my understanding, each remake misses the point of the original a little bit more. Loving Annabelle is a tad sappy and maudlin, and the ending would be unlikely in real life. There is no way Annabelle and Simone would be stupid enough to allow themselves to be caught, and given how the Church so adamantly protects its priests there is simply no way that Mother Immaculata would turn Simone in to the authorities. Ridiculous. The ending is unnecessarily melodramatic and follows a pattern in US mass produced culture whereby characters who break taboos must be punished to prove the filmmakers don't advocate their behavior, even though the entire vehicle up to that point is usually a strong justification for breaking the taboo.

Kathie H (ca) wrote: David Strathairn is one of the best character actors in modern cinema. The character he plays is just another sort of huckster (I love it when he tries to pass of Rainier Maria Rilke's writing as his own). This movie is disturbing but the subject matter is relatively common in real life. I find it comical that teacher-student relationships get so much mainstream press when these kinds of quasi-father-daughter "Lolita" relationships have been going on for centuries. The right-wing crazies (like Rupert Murdoch) act like this kind of thing is so abhorrent but they are consistently titillated & obsessed by it. Oh wait! It sells papers & makes people want to watch Faux News! Got it.

Vicky G (mx) wrote: 9.0 Excellent! Magnifique ! True emotions. Wow, Daniel Auteuil was quite a hunk in his younger years. Again, unfortunately, huge differences in age between the men and women in this movie. Not so common in real life...

Claudette A (nl) wrote: I decided to watch this film because Kurosawa was Japan's best director. I don't think any other Japanese director has come close. This film is simple yet interesting. I would like to see a modern remake of this movie.

Bill B (de) wrote: Again, another guilty pleasure flick that I wince at occasionally when watching but come back to again and again without fail. If this turkey turns up on cable, I'm sure to get fished in for the majority of the film.As with the original, worth a rental, unless you're a sucker like I am.

Cj S (fr) wrote: It's a more dramatic version of National Lampoon's Vaction, mostly beat for beat at some points.

Luke G (it) wrote: Not bad but not great.

Dennis L (ag) wrote: A throwback to sexploitation, sex torture and revenge movies. It started out fast paced but fizzled towards the end.