A Snitch in Time

A Snitch in Time

The stooges are carpenters who are re-staining some furniture they've delivered to a boarding house. The plot gets complicated when the boys confront some crooks who are hiding out there. They defeat the bad guys with the help of the varnished furniture which sticks the head crook to a chair.

The stooges are carpenters who are re-staining some furniture they've delivered to a boarding house. The plot gets complicated when the boys confront some crooks who are hiding out there. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tyler A (br) wrote: 50 Stop snitching stop lying. 50s acting skills are still subpar although he's a convincing rat cop. good story

Todd S (it) wrote: This has got to be the strangest looking, least talented cast I've ever seen. They must have gotten every freaky looking goon with a Screen Actors Guild card to star in this thing and it was amateur hour to the extreme. The story isn't so bad to start out, a man who suffered a tragedy wants to get back at the people who didn't do anything to help him. He does this by kidnapping 14 of the towns children, and yes, his name was Perkins. This strange, evil, little man decided to drug these kids with PCP, until there brains are mush, and then he tortured them into become zombies, who would be unleashed if anything ever happened to him, and yes, something happens to him. From there, this film becomes one badly acted gorefest that makes no sense at all. Body parts fly, intestines come out and get consumed, and the town of Stone Cove becomes overrun. This whole thing was ridiculous and I can't believe it was chosen to be part of the After Dark Horrorfest. It's so badly directed and cast that it looks like some kids film class project, Perkins' 14 shouldn't be in a Horrorfest collection, it should be a joke on Mystery Science 3000.

Calvin R (mx) wrote: A Four Letter Word is surprisingly good, this may be cliche, but when it is done right you get a powerful typical gay film. Great performance by all our leads, great romantic dialogue, and just simply wonderful setting.

Brett A (gb) wrote: It was good, some twists.. not the best movie, but hey, worth seeing.

Alan W (fr) wrote: This is a very great movieA team of military experts and scientists go after a terrorist group that has seized a deadly virus and is threatening to release it.

Marc L (fr) wrote: Face la trilogie sacree de l'expressionnisme ("Le cabinet du Dr Caligari", "Nosferatu" et "Metropolis", Grands Anctres respectivement du thriller, du film d'epouvante et de la SF), "Der golem" ne beneficie pas de la mme aura fondatrice, mme si on peut le considerer comme un proto-Frankenstein, (dont la premire mouture ne sortirait que dix ans plus tard) qui apporta au cinea le principe de la Creature qui se retourne contre son createur. Ne serait-ce son ge venerable qui lui confre, bon gre mal gre, une aura d'inventivite, "Der Golem" offre finalement un recit assez simple sur fond d'antisemitisme tristement premonitoire, ainsi que les decors baroques et le jeu thetral typique de cette mouvance du cinema allemand (mme s'ils sont employes avec une certaine sobriete par rapport certains de ses contemporains). A voir, pour la culture historique.

Andrew R (fr) wrote: An overly mediocre detective film, in which none of the clues present themselves and the resolution seems to just materialize to get the movie finished. The Street and reporter characters are by far the most enjoyable thing about the movies, but they don't make the movie.

Cooper H (gb) wrote: D (C)j Vu bends the laws of time as Denzel Washington tries to save the girl (Paula Patton) and stop a terrorist attack.

Ryan B (es) wrote: "Get her, Ray?""Dogs & cats living together""Six feet above her covers!""Coffee? Yes, have some"

Alex R (ru) wrote: This is one of my favourite zombie movies, but it's different from most. It's a bit slow to get into its stride but when it does it is great. I usually detest love stories spoiling films.....but this one is necessary for the story and it works! John Malkovich plays a brilliant evil bstard. Great movie