A Song from the Heart

A Song from the Heart

This poignant love story stars Amy Grant as a beautiful, blind concert cellist who falls for a famous, self-centered pianist but doesn't realize that true love is right before her eyes.

This poignant love story stars Amy Grant as a beautiful, blind concert cellist who falls for a famous, self-centered pianist but doesn't realize that true love is right before her eyes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (kr) wrote: This movie was extremely cheesy and does not even rate a B horror flick. Acting is terrible, story line is non existent. Avoid this movie at all costs.

eljko R (kr) wrote: He should stay in shrimp business.

Cedric L (fr) wrote: Smart and well-acted.

Derek B (jp) wrote: This movie is NOT meant to be a cinematic marvel. It is supposed to entertain; that it does, and does well. Depp's Tonto is hilarious. If another is made, I'll be watching.

Frances H (mx) wrote: Wonderful, inspiring story of the kind of pupil every teacher would love to have. It's even better for being based on a true story.

wannadieforme v (mx) wrote: an inspiring true story........

Marisol M (nl) wrote: David Yates & Co. have adapted another large Potter book exceptionally well, but I have the same gripes with the movie as I do with the book; nothing really happens. There's no solid story to cling to, but you do get 2 hours of boys and girls falling in and out of like, plus several scenes of Harry looking at memories and Malfoy being shifty. The lack of a build-up doesn't give the intended climax the punch it needs. A few aspects of the plot were lost in translation; for example, I agree with Yates that cutting out the Hogwarts skirmish will help place more importance on the bigger one to come, but it diminished the whole point of Malfoy spending the year mending the Vanishing Cabinet. But the cinematography is beautiful, the dialogue flows well, the characters sparkle, the special effects are enchanting, and this entry, like the previous one, stands on its own as a legit film, not just a dressed up, contractually obligatory adaptation. It's just unfortunate that this is not so much its own adventure as it is an obvious stage-setter for the seventh movie(s). I was still satisfied though, which is what counts most.

Valentina A (us) wrote: ke lindaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pero el final triste de sempre de las pelikulas orientales :S

Phillip D (br) wrote: Event Horizon is a bit of a mixed bag. Heavily reliant on horror cliches and its science fiction predecessors, the film is very clearly an Anderson piece of work, with his defining camera work, unique pace of action and trademark horror presentation. Unlike the venerable Resident Evil series, where little is expected and pure entertainment is the only bar to reach, Event Horizon has a bit of philosophy wrapped up in it and therefore demands a higher standard. Achieving the standard is the spotty part however. The cast delivers acceptable, mostly average performances that draw heavily on the behaviors of better casts in previous films. The writing is solid as well, although Anderson's influence is clear in the script as well, with a number of ultra-cliched lines that muck up what is otherwise a pretty decent screenplay. The world building is pretty awful at times but is excellent for most of the film. The entire gravity generator aspect was an impressive design, as was the organic nature of the Event Horizon ship itself. When the film veers off into more specific and detailed set pieces, such as the corridor when Weir first sees visions of his wife or the stasis rooms, these get pretty generically spaceship looking. The horror aspect, with the pretty tasteful gore and horrific premise is actually pretty refreshing, getting away from the overused space monster premise. That being said, very little exposition is ever given for whatever came through the black hole and although we know it's bad and although I hate exposition, it would have been nice to detail some more background and lay a few ground rules. I understand the extensively disastrous process this film went through after shooting however and with that in mind, some of these gaps make more sense. Likewise, the cinematography is up and down, with good shots and bad shots, again all very similar to what has been seen before. Overall, Event Horizon is still really watchable and in the moment, it doesn't feel like an average film. While it is troubling just derivative the movie is, it's entertaining in that campy 90's manner and certainly worth a watch.

Gregory S (de) wrote: Looks to be a classic performance from Snoop :)

Aj V (ca) wrote: This is a plain and simple stand up performance from Murphy. He's on the stage, mic in hand, looking out at the audience. No special effects to turn him into multiple characters, no silly plot, just jokes. So, realize that before watching. You get the experience of seeing a comedy legend in his prime. This is a hilarious routine and I was laughing the whole time. If you feel that his movies aren't funny any more, or aren't a fan of his, please go find this movie. You'll easily be converted to a fan. If you wonder why I didn't give it 5 stars, that is simply because it isn't among the greatest stand up movies that I've seen. That doesn't matter much, though, because this is a perfect display of Murphy's talent. I recommend it.

Gabo T (ru) wrote: BUena pelcula. Potica y movediza. El personaje principal s tiene una ingenuidad y superficialidad difcil de soportar, sin embargo la forma en que la cmar despliega el relato es atrapante e hipnotizante. Recomendable.

Brad S (nl) wrote: This is a pretty decent thriller from John Huston featuring an all-star cast of Bogart, Bacall and Robinson, and add to that one of the supporting actresses, Claire Trevor, won an Oscar for her role. Some regular folks are trapped in a hotel with gangsters while a Hurricane threatens them all. Not the best Bogart film, but I liked it and would recommend it.

Matthew G (jp) wrote: What a bastardization of Superman. Where is the Superman Wonder Woman movie? Where is the Superman Lois Lane Movie? Where is the Superman goes to the doctor to find out why this is happening to him movie? Think about this movie and the only phrase in regard to Captain America Coming back to life or the Doctor vs a movie like this is "What about Superman?"

Katy M (ru) wrote: Ummm...Nadia of the Blue Water pwns this movie like a noob.

AJ L (ag) wrote: Makes Toby McGuire look gay.

EpicLadySponge t (nl) wrote: As expected, just another pointless movie focusing way too much on comedy.

Chad C (nl) wrote: i love the original and all the mythological creatures keep it coming