A Song Is Born

A Song Is Born

The story of seven scholars (including Danny Kaye and Benny Goodman) in search of an expert to teach them about swing music. They seem to have found the perfect candidate in winsome nightclub singer Honey Swanson (Virginia Mayo). But Honey's gangster boyfriend doesn't want to give her up.

Gangster's moll Honey Swanson goes into hiding when her boyfriend is under investigation by the police. Where better to hide than a musical research institute staffed entirely by lonely ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew G (mx) wrote: Loved this movie and everyone how played in it

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Appu B (mx) wrote: lacks the power of the prequel.

Daniel H (ru) wrote: Underrated film in my opinion, one of Seth Rogans better comedies.

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Jack P (fr) wrote: Well shot, entertaining and charming. A hugely likable low budget action film.

Paul D (fr) wrote: I am a sucker for these kind of movies. I love stories of great teachers bringing out the best in troubled or underprivileged students. While there have been better movies in this genre, this one is still worth your time. It's an older movie, but I still enjoy it.

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Antwan J J (kr) wrote: A pretty good romantic comedy that has a very unique story but is very relatable kudos tto the cast and director

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