A Song to Remember

A Song to Remember

Biography of Frederic Chopin. Vidor romanticizes Chopin's patriotism in the film, which was produced during World War II. Chopin, played by Cornel Wilde, is first presented to the audience as a child prodigy playing a piece by Mozart, but suddenly starts

Biography of Frederic Chopin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anneli S (br) wrote: Very good Swedish thriller!

Diego F V (it) wrote: Independiente del exceso de ''realidad'' que tiene esta pelcula (relato sobre mujeres hinchas a morir del ftbol que por cuestiones religiosas no pueden asistir al estadio y que entonces deciden disfrazarse de hombres para colarse y disfrutar del ltimo partido de la seleccin Iran en la eliminatoria mundialista) Es una pelcula graciosa, llena de vida y sin dramatismos de ningn orden; un argumento bien pensado tomando como combustible la situacin real de este pas, un relato que vale la pena apreciar porque resulta bastante entretenido de principio a fin, sin importar las circunstancias. **Libertad a Panahi!!**

Ricardo H (br) wrote: This movie was much better than I expected. True, it's riddled with clichs and it's extremely predictable, but it managed to portray some serious issues and how difficult life is when you're living a lie

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Pavan R (fr) wrote: A good fun thriller with a great story which comes together quite nicely. Unlike many recent time travel movies this one is not too hard in the brain and more enjoyable

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