A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness

A man at three disparate moments in his life: as a member of a fifteen-person collective on a small Estonian island, alone in the wilderness of Northern Finland and as the singer of a neo-pagan black metal band in Norway. Three moments for a radical proposition for the creation of utopia in the present.

From pagan re-enactors to failed communes, black metal festivals to Arctic hermits, and the forever Golden Hour to the Northern Lights, 'A Spell to Ward off the Darkness' is an inquiry into... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness torrent reviews

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Aj V (ca) wrote: This movie is boring and predictable because in the beginning they tell you what they are going to do and then they do it. Where's the suspense in that? I hated this movie.

Chris S (es) wrote: Sometimes funny, but mostly annoying and stupid

Tristan P (gb) wrote: Quaid is perfect in the lead role, but Great Balls of Fire is held back by poor writing and directing, resulting in a very mediocre movie.

Max R (jp) wrote: A poor mans rocky. This film is very low budget the fights in it are not exciting, the story line is week and the acting is atrocious!

Ben F (br) wrote: This movie is, in my opinion, one of Disney's best from this time period. After Walt's death, his son-in-law, Ron Miller, took over the studio and ended up steering it down a path that would prove poisonous to the studio's rep. Movies seemed to have the same type of look and feel, the same type of situations, characters, cast etc. Even though they were made in the 70s, there was no way of telling that they were. Frankly, I was surprised to see that this movie came out in 1977!But this movie seems to be at least partially in sync with the times, although cliched humor in some areas prevails. First of all, feminism is introduced in a Disney movie for the first time. Diane (Julie Sommars) gives a rousing performance as woman race driver tired of being thrown around in man's world. The fact that Dean Jones was brought back as Jim Douglas from the first movie adds to the story's overall success. Don Knotts as a comic relief is also pretty good as well. Continuity isn't a strong point with the Love Bug sequels. Jim's wife Carol from the first one is not even mentioned, nor is anything else mentioned from the first two movies, which creates numerous plotholes. Despite that, the dominant subplot of Herbie falling in love with a Lancia is actually quite charming. However, the other subplot with the two Jewel theives is at times very silly and wasteful. I could see that it might have been amusing to the cast and the filmmakers, but it doesn't add anything special to the overall story.Even though some of this movie falls victim to some elements of the "Ron Miller era", its very enjoyable and fun, and generally attention getting. Fans of these movies will like to see the racing formula put back in. So, enjoy up to this one, because the next movie's a disaster!

Ryan H (ru) wrote: I Vitelloni is not my favorite from Fellini, but it shows him doing what Baumbach did so well with Kicking and Screaming. The vitellonis are frustrating. They are all men who should be mature and working in the world, instead they are living with their parents and goofing around. The most aggravating of the bunch is Fausto. He is a player. He flirts with as many women as he sleeps with (or so it seems). He can't contain himself. Getting Sandra pregnant and marrying her doesn't slow him down one bit. When he comes back from their honeymoon he is ready to go with other women. At first I was thinking "poor Sandra," but then I was going "you deserve it you freaking moron." Seriously, the woman is an idiot. I understand that she wanted to relationship to work out so well that she believed what wasn't believable, but it's just so damn aggravating! Take you son and get the hell outta there! Then you have Alberto, the jokester of the group who wants to make sure his sister is with someone respectable, which is ironic since he's not a respectable man himself. Leopoldo wants to be a master playwright someday, which he gets his chance when he meets his favorite stage actor. Moraldo is the best of them all. He is beginning to see the problem with all of this. His sister is Sandra, and he hates that she is letting herself get stepped on by Fausto. He's tired of seeing opportunities put in front of his friend's faces and they screw it up. He befriends a young kid that works at the railroad station and he realizes that even though he is young and seems to not understand his questions, he still has more figured out than him. The film could have used more of a general focus. For example, I don't remember Riccardo at all. It relies too much on the relationship of Sandra and Fausto. I understand it, and I'm sure since that is based on Fellini's sister and her husband that he wanted to share his aggravation for their decisions, but I just think it was too heavy for the general idea of the film. Other than that, it was pretty brilliant. Glad he inspired so many brilliant filmmakers with I Vitelloni.

Alan W (ru) wrote: This is a funny road to movie

Jason C (mx) wrote: The story does not hold up to the pace of the movie. Very long and slow with nothing really happening to draw you in further. Well acted for the most part but does also feel over acted as well, especially Halle Berry.