A Spot of Bother

A Spot of Bother

Retired Englishman George Hall's hypochondria worsens and takes its toll on his family.

Retired Englishman George Hall's hypochondria worsens and takes its toll on his family. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erich S (jp) wrote: a sequel was made about sharks in a mother ing tornado?!

Nilufer R (es) wrote: The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was Jason Statham and he was all I got. No wonder why very few people know about it.

Tim S (nl) wrote: Often overlooked, this cat-and-mouse thriller, I always thought, was very well executed.

Simon B (us) wrote: It's really really funny stuff a lot of the time, but it basically constitutes a stand-up act. The Happy The Clam scene is among my favorites ever. And Jim Carrey is icing on an otherwise delicious cake.

Charlotte R (mx) wrote: Rich and intricate, yet modest and dignified, like the lace Ireland has been so well noted for, this was (right down to the 'friendly pity' of the husband towards the wife not really his) a brilliant interpretation of Joyce's best short story (my favourite anyhow). Made by a dying man, the film shows no trace of desperation or self-indulgence in its theme. John Huston's condition at the time of making it seems to have done nothing but enrich the pathos of his touch. A soft, but strong, farewell.

Geoffrey D (it) wrote: Great film! Unlike many rock band movies, this one definitely has a plot and some brains. Much recommended to any Slade fans, as well as fans of 70s rockbands and 70s British cinema.

Drew B (ca) wrote: Bleak, and chilling with its quiet tone. George Lucas's debut feature may not be that entertaining, but still manages to set up a surreal feeling.

Felix P (mx) wrote: What a weirdly fun sexual sci-fi movie.

Stephanie O (us) wrote: The strongest point of this movie is the soundtrack.

Jens S (it) wrote: Spy thriller that is a little too slow and uneventful for it's own good. Yes, sometimes there is a well paced shock, and overall the investigation is interesting enough. But there is no real twist to it and it all ends somewhat anticlimatic. The cast is outstanding as far as names go, but most of them remain somewhat underchallenged thanks to the (intentionally) bleak look and pace of the film.

Kanika S (fr) wrote: Amazing film! The characters were so real you felt like you knew them.

Sam F (de) wrote: An outstanding Keanu drags this dull simplistic plot through and makes it watchable. Action scenes are well directed and engaging but the storyline was so poor I could give it anymore than 3 stars