A Star Fell from Heaven

A Star Fell from Heaven


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1934
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:A Star Fell from Heaven 1934 full movies, A Star Fell from Heaven torrents movie

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A Star Fell from Heaven torrent reviews

Jeff20 B (ru) wrote: damn, I like Jessica Chastain but not this film. A Most violent year is better

Rodney S (it) wrote: This ghostly horror film from The Netherlands has its moments, but nothing really that special. Basically in 1857, they were still allowing criminals on death row, to go into deep mines and set off methane gas explosions, and if they escaped (which nobody ever did), they were free. They called them Firemen. BUT, the last one, the legend goes, child murderer Andries Martiens, did keep himself alive but was executed by the guards. Now, tours are given to this old mine shaft, and some stupid people decide to take the tour. Of course, the rather mad, in fact, very mad, ghost of Martiens starts to kill off the tour nuts by hacking off their heads one by one. With the help of a Ouija board, one of the girls tries to contact the evil ghost and finds herself and everybody else in a world of crap. The idiots get lost in the mine, and bad bad things continue to happen. It's pretty bloody and some decent gore, and of course I like that sort of thing, so I had some fun with it. Language is in Dutch with English subtitles, so that was ok. To add to the fun, the lead actress manages to contact her deceased Father who died in a freak car accident, via the Ouija board, and manages to get a little help in fighting off the nasty spook.

Angela G (gb) wrote: surprisingly good movie.

Gordon B (gb) wrote: This is one of my favorite fanatsy films. With Creatures we get a refreshingly visuallly audacious & grown up fantasy story of two girls that re so taken with their imagenary world that they are willing to commit murder to keep reality at bay. 20 years later the film's bloody final sequence still gets to me

Daniel H (mx) wrote: :fresh: [CENTER]You know, I wish people would consider this the most remarkable of Disney classics.[/CENTER]

Carlos G (it) wrote: Definitely one of the more greater war/military movies. This conflict seems to be forgotten by the American public but is wonderfully put on screen.

Yol G (ru) wrote: Mediocre reboot, but better than the Bourne Legacy in my opinion.