A Starry Sky

A Starry Sky

A woman ready to move away from Brazil is kidnapped by her jealous ex-lover.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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A Starry Sky torrent reviews

Daniel M (mx) wrote: I am a 42 year-old former Marine, and I started tearing up at certain points while watching this movie. I am disgusted by the negative critic reviews and can only ascertain that those negative reviews came from childless adults who expected something other than a family fairy tale. That's what this is, folks. It's a fairy tale, and the actors and story are phenomenal. Any parent who loves their children would feel a deep connection to the onscreen couple and the pain they feel by not being able to share their love with a child. However, the movie has highs, lows, and is entertaining.It's humorous watching Timothy's simple ways, and at the end of the movie I gave my kids an extra hug. The movie really brings thoughtful parents back to reality. How can that be a bad thing? Oh, and my kids loved it.

Ryan K (au) wrote: Disturbingly informative.

shai l (ca) wrote: Question: What is the one similarity between Rajni and Tony Jaa?- the fact that no matter how crappy the plot is (yeah right, electrocute urself to fake death, eyh?) you still forgive it... because it's Rajnikanth!Cool coin-tossing trick though...

Wes S (ag) wrote: Plot-less boring wrench of a sequel. I couldn't follow anything that was going on nor did any of it hold my interest. I'm not too sure how it connects to the first 3 or if there was a point to this one. No Walker, no action, little gore, and no entertainment.

Steinar S (au) wrote: Kinda want to see this one, is it as epic as Roadhouse?

Alejandro E (de) wrote: Diabolical self-destructive twin game with the disturbing Cronenberg touch.Remarkable Jeremy Irons

Shran (fr) wrote: Veryy Shelly, Very 80's cute little fairytale a lot like Maid to Order, but the morbitness of death.

Jrmie A (fr) wrote: Best movie from Leone, and one of the best Gangster film of all time alongside The Godfather Part I/II and Goodfellas.

Logan M (nl) wrote: The iconic Kurosawa makes a 16th century war-pic with striking visuals and his classic filmmaking techniques.

Sam S (us) wrote: Hilarious, brilliant, and beautifully choreographed, the poorly named Dirty Ho is the story of a prince tricking a man into being his pupil for protection. Aside from being a fun and easy story to follow along, the fight scenes are absolutely spectacular, making heavy usage of props and atypical fight scene items. It's stars Gordon Liu, of 36 Chambers of Shaolin fame. I argue this is a better role for him. This is a wonderfully approachable kung fu film is a shining example of the golden era of Shaw Brothers cinema.

Indira S (ca) wrote: my least Favorite Hitchcock's movie so far

Luigi D (au) wrote: A gift from my teacher. This movie was very sketchy to say the least. A horror classic, I can't believe it's not as well known as some other movies. A definate rental.

Lauren S (br) wrote: Gets me kinda confused but still it is cool:D

Andrew R (it) wrote: The best Film Noir ever. Heck, this is the best film ever, full stop! Lynch manages to explore the inner most depths of the human mind like no other, producing films that- like good poems- need to be read over and over again in order to gain a true appreciation. In this particular tour de force, Lynch explores issues central to the Noir genre: female sexuality, the idea of the femme fatale, the desire for men to control their worlds and the paranoia that they develop when they perceive that women are essentially out of their control. As with Mulholland Drive, Lynch disorientates the viewer, a technique that serves to place the audience within the disturbed mind of the movie's anti-hero, whose perception of reality has become clouded by his uncontrollable paranoia. Fred Madison: I like to remember things my own way.Ed: What do you mean by that?Fred Madison: How I remembered them. Not necessarily the way they happened. This is a film that I never tire of watching.

Dan G (ru) wrote: Good movie, but poor execution. This movie relied to much on violence. Not enough emphasis was put into character development.